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    Yes, Jordan's fits perfectly and Focuspants' is definitely too tight. I thought so before the picture of Jordan's but that just confirms it for me.


      My Indochino suit just arrived, and I'll need it finalized by the second to last week in June for a wedding I'm in. Help!

      The blazer just feels and looks sloppy to me. Shoulders are too long, chest maybe a little big, might want to bring it in around the waist, there are rolls below the neck. Also, is the button stance kind of too high?

      I chose Sloping Shoulders, Husky/Hefty Chest, Average Stomach, and Normal Posture. Does anyone know if these options make a huge influence on the fit? Maybe I chose a wrong one?

      I plan on seeing a tailor, but I'd like your opinion too. Any help on adjustments? Thanks!


        Okay, not the best picture ever, but I probably won't be buying that sport coat anyway. I just took a snapshot for fun and was wondering do you all think it fits from that particular picture. Don't mind the work shirt underneath.


          I'd say it can come in a skosh at the chest but it looks very good

          Dress for style, live for results.


            Jessy - not bad!

            Eyo - that suit looks really close, but the shoulders seem unfixably wide. Sleeves, waist, hips. All look good. The pants should be shortened. I'd ask the tailor about the shoulders, but I'm concerned. You may just want to wear it to the wedding, but if you get ask for a remake, you'll want to request that sooner rather than after the wedding.

            The ventless look seems...distracting. You've got a prominent behind, and the jacket accentuates it. I wonder if a double vent would suit (pun intended) you better.


              @Eyo, just to add to Nick's comments:

              * The jacket is too short by maybe 1.5 inches.

              * Pants look too tight at the thigh.

              * I wouldn't go with much more waist suppression.

              * I don't know that the way the suit turned out is necessarily the most flattering for your body type or posture.


                The dance continues. I apologize if this is just way too many photos.

                This is just more for comparison to the other suits/jackets I've posted. I don't think I really want to buy & keep H&M linen suit even if it's only $100-$130. And there are some vent flaring issues that make my caboose look big.

                1) H&M off-white three-piece linen suit 34R:

                The sleeve length is too long and has a tendency to ride up when I'm moving around, hence the bunching up of the fabric on the sleeves on the third and fourth pictures. I personally don't think the slimness of the pants matches with how much more "full" the jacket looks on me.

                And it doesn't seem like it, but the side vent in the last picture flares out a bit more than I like.

                2) For comparison to the above, an H&M grey two-piece linen suit 34R:

                The vents on this one don't flare out as much as on the off-white one.

                3) And one more for comparison, an H&M blue cotton jacket, 34R

                Serious center vent flaring going on here. They had a Polyester/Viscoe suit jacket in 34R that had the same problem, so I don't think H&M suits will work for me.

                Some have suggested that I get a jacket with a shoulder that has less padding, but it would seem for my sloping shoulders, that a more jacket with more structured shoulders would be more appropriate. It seems that OTR jackets with soft shoulders suffer from the same shoulder bump/roll problem that you can see in those photos.


                  I disagree. I think you really great in the two piece suit and the blazer. The sleeves are long, but wow...for OTR, I think you're in great shape. I think it's important to be more relaxed in the critique of a linen suit than a wool suit. If you're spending a few hundred on a wool suit that will be there for years and will be worn to important occasions or worn every day for work, that better right.

                  A linen suit is for summer nights, parties, and for no reason at all - in my mind. And in that case, I would just shorten the sleeves, consider hemming the grey pants a little, and being golden for $150! I'm not bothered by the vent flaring you refer to, and I think the jacket suits your body's shape very well. If the buttons on the cuff are functional, you could even opt to roll the sleeves back very slightly.


                    The two piece suit looks great on you! The blazer's not bad either (maybe I just don't like the elbow pads and it's coloring my view). We have our first H&M opening in the area soon and I'm motivated to go check out some of their suits. Is the grey linen one from the current season?


                      Yeah - they have more colors than that too. =)


                        I would say the grey 2 piece fits by far the best. A good tailor could bring it in a small amount at the center seam (.5") and then take in the waist a bit. Pants and sleeves just need shortening.

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                          runners n jeans, the suits fit you as perfectly as you're going to get from an off-the-rack suit. The reason the shoulders are weird has nothing to do with the padding: the arm holes are incredibly low on that suit. When you move your arms it causes the fabric to pull in below the padding on the shoulder. It's a function of the poor design of the suit, and there's nothing you can do to fix it.

                          This picture in particular lets me know that the armholes are way too low:

                          That is the fit you should be aiming for on a suit with higher armholes.


                            Looking much better!

                            Not trying to nitpick here, but the shoulder issues are because they're still a tiny bit too big. My guess is that you're probably going to have a hard time finding much smaller, so in that case, I'd say you look fine for OTR. It's never going to perfect.


                              Agree on the grey being the best so far. A talented tailor could make it work and most of the issues with it are a result of the price paid.

                              Shoulders are a smidge too big and the armholes are quite low but the length is good, the arms generally work, and a tailor should be able to bring in the body a bit for that more tailored look you are going for.

                              The white linen suit is a definite return. I would also return the blazer.


                                Recently picked up a navy Bar III suit from Macys so I was looking

                                for some feedback on the overall fit and what should be fixed when

                                I bring it in for alterations.

                                - Besides waist being too tight and trouser

                                being long does this suit work for my body?

                                - which looks better 38S or 38R?

                                List of items to alter: (that i see)

                                - let out the waist of the jacket

                                - shorten trouser length

                                - shorten sleeve length

                                - anything else?

                                Here are the trousers:

                                - the seat seems pretty tight, I'm hoping that there is something

                                that can be done to let that out. (see image 3C)

                                thanks in advance for the feedback.

                                - I put image #'s on the pics to make it easy to reference specific

                                images that you provide feedback for.