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    hi Jamesg--can i ask how big you are?
    i'm 5'7" 145lbs and ordered the 38r in the thompson herringbone and it's pretty big on me (see pic)--but i dont know if i should go to the tailor or size down with the 36.

    thanks a ton!


      This is less of a "how does this fit" and more of a "how do I fix this?". I'll be attending a wedding at the beginning of November and I've decided to give my JCF suit a whirl, but before I can do that I need some suggestions on altering the jacket. I've been really unsatisfied lately with the profile of this thing as it stands off the rack - it almost has an hourglass shape (cinched at the waist and flares outward toward the hips) and the right lapel doesn't seem to want to lay correctly. What's causing this?

      I'm assuming that a tailor can fix this, but what do I need to tell him? It doesn't need much waist suppression, right(?), as that would likely exacerbate the issue. For comparison is my Kensington (on the far right), which has the profile that I want through the hips. I'm a thin guy, so I'd like to accentuate that with slimmer fits and I just feel like this JCF jacket makes me look bottom heavy. Can I have a tailor tighten up the bottom portion of the jacket and still maintain the overall shape?


        dpstein - I think the shoulders look a little large. There also appears to be some strange rumpling going on near your armpits in the photos from behind, suggesting that there is excess material where there doesn't need to be. The 36 might be a better fit for you - what's your chest size?


          Originally posted by mowgli222 View Post
          Just got the Lands End Men's Tailored Fit Wool Traveler's Blazer in size 38R. Please let me know how it fits and if it needs any alterations. I am 5'9 and 155 lbs

          Love the shoes, mind if I ask what they are?


            Originally posted by Britguy View Post
            Love the shoes, mind if I ask what they are?
            To Boot New York captoe Medallion

            Bought them on Amazon when they were around $150


              Hi there, I don't want to clog this thread with a bunch of really big pictures, so here's an imgur album. This is a Natty MTM shirt that I’m going to have remade: please critique everything. I’ve typed up my thought, but I need feedback b/c I've never done this before. What’s good as is? What needs to be changed (and how)? Other thoughts/suggestions?

              My inexperienced thoughts:

              - 0.5" to 1" smaller

              - 3.0" to 4.0" smaller

              - 3.0" to 4.0" smaller

              - Maaaybe 0.25" to 0.5" smaller

              Arm hole
              - 2.0" to 3" smaller
              >>> I assume making the armhole smaller will slim the whole arm: as you can see, there's too much room in both the bicep and the forearm

              This is the ‘classic spread’; I *think* I like the width of the spread, but please let me know if a different spread would complement my face/body better. I think I may decrease the height of the collar at the tips to more closely match the rest of the collar (see diagram). I’ll be wearing it buttoned with ties (typically between 2.5” and 3.5” width and usually a 4-in-hand knot). I’ll also wear it unbuttoned with magnetic collar stays; hopefullyl they’ll keep the collar from running away. Unfortunately, my pictures don’t show with a tie or with the magnetic stays…

              Arm Length
              Seems perfect, so I’m thinking I’d need to increase it by half of the amount that I decrease the shoulder by (if I do end up decreasing the shoulder, that is)

              Back Yoke
              Split yoke (I ordered split, but they didn’t do it). I don’t know if I really need it, but everyone seems to think that split yoke is the way to go; obviously I’d need it for any pattered shirts. As long as it’s getting remade, I think I’ll go with the split.

              Back pleats
              My back really isn’t very muscular, so I’m considering removing the pleats completely. If I decide to keep them, I’ll go with the side pleats for sure. Sooo, keep them or remove them entirely?

              I don’t know if I’d ever use the convertible cuffs - I might, and they are kinda cool... I also don’t know if I want two buttons – I suppose it would allow me to make room for a watch if needed and then remove that room if I'm not wearing a watch. Still, I may just go with one button this next time - I’m wishy washy on this one: I’d like recommendations.
              My measurements, for context--> Body Type: Slim/Skinny |​ Weight: 175 lbs | Height: 6'1" | Neck: 16” | Chest: 40” | Waist: 33.5” | Shoulder: 18.75” | Sleeve: 35.5” | Bicep: 12.75” | Wrist: 6.75”


                No expert but I think the chest looks ok, I think bringing the waist in will do the shirt wonders.

                I have my own question for anyone who has the time (sorry I didn't post here the first time) How's the fit of this medium Scotch and Soda blazer? It's a bit constrictive and I can't tell if it's too small or if I'm just not used to a proper fit.


                  @diversification, the arms look too long to me. They're bunched over themselves. I think that when buttoned, they hit the right place, but that has more to do with the cuffs being the right size. I'd say you could lose 0.5" or even more.


                    Hi all.

                    Wanted some input on two Ralph Lauren blazers I just got from Macys with their sale today. Both are same style, size and came to $55 each, which is a pretty good deal.

                    Think the fit is pretty good (38r which is my standard size), but not so sure about the shoulders since RL can be a little traditional fit - usually wear slim fit but the sales associate said my body type is more regular fit - always assume they are just trying to make a sale. anyways, Dont mind tailoring a bit since they were so cheap but cant fix the shoulders if the are too off..

                    Images can be viewed here:


                      I recently bought one of the J.Crew Factory Thompson suits in navy, but I haven't gotten around to taking it to the tailor. I know I need to get the sleeves shortened by about an inch, the pants hemmed, and the waist taken in a bit, but something I'm not sure about is how to deal with the way the jacket seems to flare out a little more than it should around my hips. I understand that the Thompson are cut to have more of a streamlined shape at the waist, but it seems like it's sticking out really wide in that area. Is this something a tailor can address? If so, what should I ask them to do?



                        Got this a while ago and can't decide if the fit is good. Sort of feel like the vent puffs out a bit, but I guess that can happen with single vents. I know the sleeves are long because I haven't had a chance to get it tailored yet. What do you guys think otherwise?

                        PS - Sorry for the crappy pic quality and ignore the pants, just grabbed something from the floor. Pants aren't sitting right so jacket looks short when actually it's the right length.



                          @moose - are you sure that's not just your caboose?

                          (sorry, I had to)


                            Alright guys, give me some opinions about the shoulders of this thing. It was a thrift store find, Conte di Roma, apparently a made in Italy line for JCP back in the early 80's. Feels 1/2 canvassed? Not 100% sure.

                            Anyway, the sleeves are a bit short, it's got about an inch to let out, which I think will be fine. That sweater I'm wearing today is a bit longer than my usual dress shirt sleeve length.

                            It's the back of the shoulder that I not sure about. From the front view I think it's fine. It really doesn't stick out from my shoulder there, but in the back it seems strong. It doesn't really follow my natural shoulder line at the back. Is it too much to be useable for me? If I wore it locally, no one would see anything wrong, I'm sure, but I'd like a more educated opinion.

                            Front view, arms are set out a bit

                            This is what I'm talking about, arm pulled back.

                            Same arm position from the front

                            Other side


                              @andrew: I wouldn't sink more money into that jacket. I don't think it fits well at the shoulders as you've said. Additionally the lapel style is very, very old and the jacket looks to be an orphaned suit jacket. You'll find some better ones as you keep thrifting though!


                                Originally posted by LosRockets View Post
                                @andrew: I wouldn't sink more money into that jacket. I don't think it fits well at the shoulders as you've said. Additionally the lapel style is very, very old and the jacket looks to be an orphaned suit jacket. You'll find some better ones as you keep thrifting though!
                                Thanks! I had never really noticed the lapels until I took these pics. I think this will find it's way onto ebay!