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Sport shirts for short guys

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    Sport shirts for short guys

    Hi guys,

    I wear a 15.5 32/33 dress shirt, but have a very hard time finding sport shirts that fit. Generally I need a medium for the neck/chest, but most mediums have 34/35 sleeves.

    Anyone know a either a store that sells "sized" casual shirts (as opposed to s/m/l), or else a brand that has shorter sleeves?



    J Crew advertises these as dress shirts, but I have a couple and they are definitely on the casual end of the dress shirt range. They have close to the same feel as their Secret Wash Shirts. I think the blue or purple gingham would be a nice casual shirt.



      The JCrew shirt is a nice one, but $93 for Canadian shoppers + $10 shipping + applicable duties / custom clearance = $130+

      Any comments on the quality / fit of Lands End shirts? =::HTA&CM_MERCH=IDX_men-_-sport-shirts-_-15-x-33

      How tailored is their tailored fit?



        How close are you to the US / Canadian border? Near Buffalo? You should come down and try things on in person.



          I kind of have the reverse problem...but a couple thoughts, if it helps.

          You could try wearing a small. If you can get it to button...forget that. When would you ever button a casual shirt. If you can fit into it in the chest, you'll be golden. You can't have buttons stretched to the max, but if you can get away with it, you'll have a huge selection with the right sleeve length. I'm not trying to tell you what to wear, but it's worth exhausting that route first, if you haven't already.



            @DH - I'm the exact same shirt size as you and I run into the same problems. The Land's end tailored fit shirts really aren't that slim. They are descent in the torso but the arms and shoulders are still a little wide. The shirts I've found that have a nice slim fit are:

            - Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Fit (look at Marshall's or TJ Maxx

            - Nordstrom Trim Fit (sometimes on eBay or at Nordstrom Rack)

            - LEC Heritage Chambray Workshirt (on sale now for $18)

            - Brooks Brothers slim or extra slim (I have several slim but have yet to try the extra slim)



              If youre in and around the GTA I would listen to Jasons advice. I ended up just going down to Buffalo to try some stuff on that I was looking at purchasing online. Their shopping is so much better and cheaper there. It makes me jealous that in a city like Buffalo (no offence) there are such great shopping options and prices, but in Toronto, which is supposed to be the fashion capital of Canada, there is such a lack of affordable options. American department stores and sales make me so jealous lol.



                I'm in Montreal, so a bit of a hike to try stuff on, but not too bad.

                I've also tried smalls before with mixed results. Generally they are too tight in the chest/shoulders. I'm a 40S jacket size, 5'7 160lbs with a 33" waist.

                At $50 all in for 2 shirts at Land's End, I'm willing to take the risk that they won't fit perfect. Just looking for an impression on quality/fit from those who have them.

                EDIT - Thanks runner-guy, I'll look into those options.



                  Upstate NY welcomes your Canadian dollars... even the funny loonies and toonies



                    Ive bought 5 Lands End shirts recently, and am returning 3. The selvedge gingham shirts are their best fitting, but I sized down to get a near perfect fit (im usually a 16 neck and I went with 15.5). However I got this one during the $29 sale, and now it is pricey again. Great shirt, but $70 is steep. H=IDX_men-_-shirts-&origin=index

                    I got one shirt which was passable which seems to be sold out or not offered anymore, however its sleeves were a bit baggy, and I should have sized down the neck also.

                    The others were way too boxy. All were labeled as tailored fit. In general, size down for most of their clothing. I got a jacket in medium (which I almost always am) and would have needed small, that is getting returned also.

                    TL;DR size down if you do get a shirt, however, they are very hit or miss. The better quality ones seem to get better and more slim modern cuts. The most expensive shirt fit great after sizing down, the next most expensive fit okay, the rest fit terribly.



                      I had to size down to a small in their sweaters and their shirts are on the big side of okay for me in a medium, and I'm bigger than you guys... (41R jacket, 16x34 shirts, 34x30 pants)



                        Ya im a 40r 16x34 33x32 Their smalls fit me best for shirts, sweaters and jackets. Its strange but feels good :P Im usually a medium here, but I think we get mroe European cut clothing here. Most of our population are asian and european immigrants, so we tend to have slimmer cut, smaller clothing on the whole. I find in most American brands I need to size down. Just feels strange wearing a small as a 5'11 185 lb guy with an athleticish build.



                          I scored some "tailored fit" OCBDs from LEC during their stockroom sale. I'm talking $11.99 for some OCBDs. I'll live with them at that price, though they still have extra room in the torso area for my body and I'm a small guy: 5'5" 130 lbs. I haven't had them long, so I can't speak for the quality, but I can't imagine paying retail for these shirts. Maybe 50% off, but since I know how low they can go during clearance sales, I can wait.

                          I have a LEC Heritage V-neck sweater in small that could definitely be sized down to an XS if they even had that size.



                            I'm 5'9 and 168, so I don't have the sizing issues y'all have, but I have broad shoulders and I also struggle to find slimmer-fitting shirts. Based on the sizes some of you have listed, I would avoid the LEC tailored fit OCBDs unless you're willing to see a tailor. I have 3 of them I got on sale for $11.99 each - I will eventually get the body slimmed because they are just too boxy and honestly too long for me (Medium) to wear as sport shirt. On the other hand LEC's Gingham and Tartan Plaid shirts fit me really well as medium, with shoulder pleats and good length. I may try sizing down next time in OCBD.

                            If you have to pay for shipping both ways for Canada, I might avoid LEC just because you'll be returning a LOT due to inconsistent sizing.

                            On the other hand, I highly recommend finding those Ralph Lauren Custom Fit shirts, they're not that long and they're cut very well. I have a white Custom Fit OCBD and it looks great on me.



                              Hey Drew, since you're about my size, do you know where I could find some affordable OCBDs (or while I'm here, a chambray shirt) ? I'm sure LEC will be too big for me.