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Banana Republic Gavin-fit Chinos

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    Banana Republic Gavin-fit Chinos

    Anyone have any of these? Just curious on the fit and feel of them


    I bought a pair last week. Nice soft feel, straight narrow fit without being skinny.

    Two things to point out that may bug some people: there is no button closure in the front, just a clasp, and there is a sewn on label above the back right pocket (visible in the pictures online if you look for it, and even on the khaki pants the label is navy blue).



      I was actually going to buy a pair today, but I can't decide between the Gavin or the Emerson fit. I'm looking for something slim through the leg with a slim leg opening but can't really tell the difference between the two fits.

      Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.



        I like the Emerson and I believe that is the slimmest fit they have. I've also seen it called the Vintage fit as well. I would say it's slim but not super skinny or anything, just about right honestly.



          @ Ounce

          Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for, something slim but not skinny.



            I find that the way that the pockets are sewn on the Emerson, they flare out making my hips look huge on my body. Could just be on me.

            I will second the slim but not skinny comment. In fact, the legs fit just right on me.

            Best with a 30-40% qualifying coupon if you ask me.



              I found them to fit very well through the legs and thighs, the one thing of note being that the backside on them is a tad big, if you know what I mean. Just depends on your body type and what you want.





                I find that the way that the pockets are sewn on the Emerson, they flare out making my hips look huge on my body. Could just be on me."

                No, it's not.

                Big problem with BR pants.

                To the OP, spend a little extra ($70) on JCrew urban slim broken-in chinos. Much better in every way. Or spend a little less ($30) on more casual H&M 5-pocket chinos, which I'm pimping like a madman today.



                  I prefer the Emerson. They fit nice, but I recommend you try these different fits before ordering. I also prefer the JCrew ones, but they are pricier. I recommend getting the Emerson's if you get s good deal, but stay on top of JCrew sales.

                  I did not care for the H&M ones



                    I own 2 pairs of Gavins from last year, and while they're not unflattering, they're not as slim as I would like them to be (I'm 6'2 and 170lbs, medium build, if that helps).



                      I have a few pair, found that different colors shrink differently when you wash them the first time.



                        Ended up buying a pair of the Gavins and the Emersons yesterday. I had a 50% Family and Friends coupon so I picked up some shirts as well.

                        I also bought a khaki striped chinos and another pair like them but in a blue color



                          Hi, I this is quite an old thread but I thought it was appropriate. I am an overweight guy (5'9, 200++++ to put it nicely) and have been looking for chinos that I can wear both for an office environment and also wear out for causal. I ordered the Gavin as I wanted something that fit slimmer but not too baggy. I tried them on and found them to be really baggy (like what people say about grandpa baggy or 90s jeans baggy) and too long. The only good thing was the waist. Because of this site, I have been getting many of pants and shirts tailored, but even for these I don't fixing is possible/worth it. I am obviously returning them, but thinking of getting emersons instead. I have a large waist (44) and shorter legs (30L, but I just get them hemmed) so its hard to find many things that fit well. I just wanted some opinions if I should try for the emersons or I am just wasting my time? If not does anyone else have any ideas for slimmer, but not skinny chinos for a larger man? Also due to size, I have to order most things and can't try on in stores. Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions on here it has been awesome!
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