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Outfit combination question.

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    Outfit combination question.

    So I bought a Banana blazer and a navy linen shirt. They look fantastic when paired together. My problem is this...i can't think of what color and style of pants would look right with them. Another problem is the buttons on the blazer are black, but i dont want to wear a black belt and black shoes with a dark navy shirt. Will a brown belt/shoe combo look weird with the black blazer buttons? and what color and style pants would go with that?

    Blazer 02



    I'm personally not a fan of jackets lighter than the shirts they're over. In that regard, I'm not going to have very good advice.

    Concerning the buttons, though, brown shoes and belt would look fine with black buttons.



      How about brown pants?

      I think you'd be better off with a more colorful shirt, especially since Spring is starting.

      Also, don't worry about your blazer button color for your shoes, etc. That's not a rule I've ever heard of and not something I'd ever notice.



        well being that its a linen shirt, its more of a spring/summer wear item. I plan on getting the same shirt in white and maybe some other colors too. I really fell in love with it when it came in the mail. I've got some lighter jeans that are a silverish blue wash, but i thought that might seem "heavy" paired with a linen shirt...and maybe an awful lot of blue.



          I think either brown or burgundy shoes/belt would look really sharp with that blazer. I wouldn't worry about the buttons being black.



            If You've got darker skin tone I think some blue jeans, not too dark of a rinse, would look pretty good with that you have. I've never heard of the black button black shoes thing. Just wear some brown shoes with the fit and it'll look good.



              I saw that shirt online so I took a look at it yesterday.

              Loved it on the rack but when I tried it on - it didn't look right on me.

              I would have to have the second button unbuttoned as well, otherwise it looked like all the buttons were buttoned. (make sense?)




                I would go with medium grey (darker than the jacket)or green slim fit chinos.

                You don't mention what kind of outfit this is for. You could match this up with a pair of washed out red shorts and go sockless in loafers if you wanted.

                Don't worry about the blazer button shoe thing. If this was true, then gold shoes on men would be a lot more popular



                  I think a classic british khaki colored pant would go well with everything. Along with brown shoes and belt(chocolate or cognac). This would be more of a lighter outfit, leaning more towards daytime wear. I would go with a darker wine colored chino for evening/night.



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