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    On Summer Shoes...

    This could technically be two threads but I suppose if you have experience/expertise on one or both perhaps you could chime in? I'm curious about wearing converse shoes in a casual way with chinos or jeans, etc. I've never really done that, preferring instead to go with some really casual tan loafers or something (cheap Kenneth Cole). But I've seen some advertisements with the Converse shoes and I like the look. Does anyone have recommendations on how to pull this look off? Can you do it with polos? Is it more of a (gasp!) tee shirt look?

    Also, maybe I'm the only guy who deals with this but if I tried to wear boat shoes all day with no socks, I'd end up drenching the shoes so fast with foot sweat (Yeah, I know its nasty). How do you deal with this? I've never thought boat shoes with socks were an acceptable look. Thoughts?



    You could always get some of these socks:

    Converses are pretty damn versatile.. You could definitely do them with chinos/jeans/polo/tee/sport coat and the list goes on..



      You can absolutely wear Converse with jeans, canvas or chinos. I think the biggest issue is the pant fit. As with most shoes a slimmer leg helps accentuate the shoe, in this case making the casual look not so casual (hope that makes sense). I wear my leather Jack Purcells with chinos and a polo on the weekend all the time.

      Regarding the sweaty feet with boat shoes, invest in some loafer socks. I picked some up at banana republic (with a 40% off coupon) and they are awesome. Other companies offer them so just Google loafer socks and this should help with the sweaty feet issue.



        Thanks guys those are good suggestions. I don't know why I didn't think of loafer socks. Definitely going to pick some of those up.

        @CJJ I get the slimmer leg look. The problem I have is that I don't have slim legs. I'm not a heavy set guy, I just have bigger muscular legs that don't look all that great in slim pants so I'm trying to work that out. Its annoying when I grab a pair of 36 size pants off the rack and they fit my legs right but are too big in the waist. I'll have to experiment.



          I got the Journeys socks based on suggestions here. They do the job and they're cheap.



            Hey Mathis, you don't need slim legs to pull of the slim look.

            You just need to find pants that are not baggy/loose, so nothing boot fit.

            If you do go this route, I find that a lighter color chucks are easier to pull off and are more versatile then darker colors.

            Another shoe worth exploring are suede bucks. After learning about them from primer I have been longing to get a pair.



              @Mystix Do you mean its better to buy pants that are not boot fit. Its funny you say that because those are the type of pants that I traditionally will purchase. Maybe its because I'm not quite sure which style is best for me as I don't fit what you might see on a BR website. What kind of pant styles would you recommend, if not looser variety?

              I couldn't connect with that link but I think I know what you're referring to. Thanks for your input.



                @ Mathis, as Mystix say you dont have to be a slim guy to pull off the slim(mer) leg look. I'm a big guy too, size 38 waist and I just stay away from boot cut pants. Do that and you should be good. Also, and keep in mind this is a little bit more of an investment, you could have a tailor slim down the leg of your pants. I havent done this but some guys here have and have had good success.



                  @Mathis - Some Boot cut pants can look awkward, almost like bell bottoms, so I stay away from them. Since a Slim cut may not work for you, maybe try a Straight leg pant. I'm very impressed with the quality and fit of the straight leg pants from Bonobos. LEC, BR and Gap also sell nice straight leg pants. Of course, there is also the classic straight leg jean, the Levi's 501.

                  Edit - Check this out:



                    Okay great, I really appreciate the advice. I'll check these out.



                      Mathis, Straight legs is definitely the "baggiest" fit that you should have.

                      But experiment with slim fit pants from different stores, everyone has different fits and varying degree of tapering.

                      Besides the 501s, see if you can fit into the 514's. They are slimmer than the 501 but I find that they need more taper, so it might fit your physique.



                        In my opinion, Chucks are probably one of the most versatile shoes there are. I've been wearing them since I was a kid and still have multiple pairs as an adult which I wear regularly. Lately I've been trying to wear my Aldens or Florshiems to try and 'dress up' my casual outfits, but Chucks go with everything. Shorts, jeans, chinos, button downs, polos, t-shirts, sweaters, blazers, hell, I've even worn a suit with them (I know some people frown upon that, but whatever).

                        Not to mention the fact you can find them for under $50!

                        My personal favorites are my pair of John Varvatos grey canvas ones simply because of the sole. Plus the gray color goes with just about anything.



                          As a proud owner of many pairs of chucks, I also echo that white/gray/navy blue chucks can be worn with pretty much anything. Wear straight leg pants with them, as boot cut with chucks doesn't look very good

                          Also, Mathis I have the sweaty feet problem. I basically don't sweat anywhere but my feet. I have never had the problem with armpit stands, back sweat or anything like that but I can sweat through a pair of socks in no time. What has helped me is putting a little talcum powder in my socks. I utilize the loafer socks quite a bit and they work really well.



                            @somaticmarker Yeah, it can be annoying. I haven't tried talc powder; I'll give that a go.



                              @mdwsta4 are those your pictures? Good shots.