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    Cannon, I'll stick with the motto: Good, Fast, Cheap, pick 2.

    I have a list of things I'm on the lookout for and I have stored searches on eBay and I keep up with what people are thrifting for trades, etc. It takes time but I've gotten some amazing pieces for a LOT less than retail or sale prices and made some good trades that didn't cost either of us much money and got us both stuff we wanted.

    Sure, if you're in a hurry and need something now, you'll have to find a store that sells it and you're at the mercy of whatever the price is.



      I don't mind LEC getting out the vote, other retailers are free to do the same. If anything, I like that LEC is trying to engage the community. I have no problem with LEC winning again, because they seem to genuinely be trying to put out better and better products (I think the current Spring line has some awesome items). And of course the return policy and customer service are excellent, and even with the higher list prices there are still plenty of opportunities to get stuff at a discount. If the discount codes and sales dry up they definitely won't compete as well with the likes of BR and J Crew, but my dollar has gone pretty far with LEC over the previous year.

      As for thrifting, I guess I need to give it another go, but I haven't had much luck, and I live in a big city. It probably doesn't help that I'm a smaller size, and don't have a car so I can't easily get to more far-flung spots (like shops in some of the richer suburbs).