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    Nordstrom Rack hooked me up in a big way in December. It's a bit of a drive for me, but it was well worth it.

    I should start watching J. Crew Factory more. J. Crew has just intimidated me with their retail pricing. The last several times I've walked through Gap, I didn't find anything I liked except for a few scarves. I'm sitting out on this round.



      LEC to win for the 2nd year in a row.



        Yeah...its a shame (IMO)



          I just fear more people picking over my sizes in their sale section. :-/



            i have this weird feeling that LEC is cheating, someone posted a comment about how their paranoia led them to believe LEC was sending in employees. So i decided to test the notion against some of the other comps and in no other competition is a company getting over 900 not paranoid or anything but considering LEC posted that they won the compa last year and all of a sudden they are creaming the competition begs the question...REALY? Professional Skepticism at its best i suppose.

            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



              @MaxMan -- LEC is definitely using social media to "get out the vote." It's not against the rules, per se, but it does make you wonder: Are we getting a true polling of the Dappered readership, or are these one-time visitors who only showed up on Dappered because they received a tweet urging them to vote for LEC? Like I said, it's not technically against the rules, so I can't really blame them ...

              Indochino did the same thing in a previous Store Wars.



                LEC has a very devoted Dappered following.



                  Lots of folks with "PR" handles, both LE folks and others:






                  I'm not sure if LEC has their own social media Store Wars campaign, though the parent folks at Lands End seem to be pretty excited about it.



                    It's good for Dappered. Not sure if the other companies care/realize/etc.

                    I'm not really sure how much this matters to a company that wins. I can say that when Clad was around, I zeroed in on anything tagged as an Esquire pick.



                      I'm not gonna lie. I'll be a little miffed if LEC wins (and it looks like that's inevitable). I like LEC and enjoy my pieces from them, but that hardly makes them the best store around. LEC is just too mediocre to deserve to win the whole thing. Plus their prices have skyrocketed so high that it would be insane to buy from them until things start moving into clearance.

                      I'd much rather have seen J.Crew, J.Crew Factory, thrift stores, or even Nordstrom or LastCall win than LEC. As is I'm pulling for Banana Republic.

                      Honestly, I think it's kind of crazy that LEC managed to beat J.Crew. A J.Crew/BR final would make more sense.




                        It's really hard for me to pick an overall winner since I spread my purchases around. Between those two, though, I'd probably go with BR.



                          If people knew what they were doing thrifting and eBay would have been in the finals. Oh, well.



                            BR or Jcrew would be my winners, this year.

                            Thrifting would not, because the selection just isnt there unless you are in a rather large (and rich) city.



                              @Jason Too risky and it is more of a method than a store you can back. I avoid eBay because there is some subjectivity in selling used items online and while you can research the reputation, there is still chance that even a seller can get caught up with some fake or poor quality merchandise to sell. Sure, eBay guarantees it, but you have to be certain of the features that make something a fake or unacceptable, then there is a claims process.

                              It can be easy and work well, but it is the place you are most likely to get burned because it is on you in the first place to get something you want as you want it. I think corporate brands have an advantage in that there is little chance for true deception, mishandled or mislabeled secondhand goods, and little chance to get caught up in a cross-country email debate with a seller who insists that you are at fault for the fine print and shipping issues.



                                Thrifting/eBay is not unlike brick & mortar shopping: if you don't know what you're doing, you'll waste a lot of time and money.

                                As in, the first 28 years of my life.