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Camel Overcoat, How to Wear?

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    Camel Overcoat, How to Wear?

    I bought a Camel colored, knee length overcoat and I was just wondering about some interesting ways to wear it.

    Camel is a super versatile color, especially for an overcoat. I wear my overcoat with suits and also when I'm just doing sweater/dress shirt/wool slacks. I don't love the way it looks with chinos, but I have worn it over dark jeans and a blazer/sweater before.

    I think camel looks especially good with red, whether that's your scarf or a tie or a pair of oxblood/burgundy shoes/boots. However, there are very few colors that I would say you SHOULD NOT wear with camel.


      I think the real official story on overcoats is since it's outerwear, it doesn't necessarily need to match perfectly. But, since i have a few different overcoats coats I really can coordinate them all pretty easily. The camel coat you have, depending exactly where it really falls, is probably half way between yellow and orange.

      Color theory dictates that the following combinations work out really well...

      CAMEL COAT+ BLUE pants or shirt, this is my favorite combination since half of my shirts and pants are blue. This works especially a natural blue as opposed to a navy.
      CAMEL COAT+ VIOLET pants or shirt, this looks good with a less-orange coat, but it can have an awful lot of pop if you're not careful.
      CAMEL COAT+ BLUE PANTS, yellow/ecru shirt, looks great if you are into it...
      CAMEL COAT+ BLUE/GREEN PANTS, pink shirt, a little flamboyant for some but I love it.
      CAMEL COAT+grey (or even black) whatever, grey goes with everything...

      Camel overcoat color probably goes better with most men's dress clothing colors more easily than a Navy overcoat would.

      i have one of these next to my wardrobe and it's actually helped me a WHOLE lot.


        Did you get the BR camel topcoat? I wore mine this weekend and I like it. It's not perfect, for me it's probably 6" too short, but for 120 bucks it's hard to complain that much. It is slightly boxier than I prefer, but just slightly, I could see getting the waist pulled in maybe an inch or two. It's warm enough, I went to an apple orchard and it was like 45 degrees and windy and I wasn't overly cold with a medium weight sweater underneath. Fabric looks and feel nice, and the workmanship is fine. I think I will look hard at J Crew this spring but I do like this coat and it will get a lot of use this winter.

        I wore it with dark jeans, chukkas, a gray sweater and a blue and red plaid scarf. My girlfriend's friends told her I looked like I was on a fashion shoot . I thought it looked pretty good myself!


          I would really like a camel overcoat. They look very trad and classy with pretty much anything. Maybe next year, as I got a new raincoat this year.


            I saw these links before purchasing



            I wore my Banana Republic overcoat today. It is a little long in the sleeves/closer to the knee, but not too bad. If they offered it in short sizes, it would probably fit perfectly. I wore it with dark grey emerson chino's, a light green gap modern oxford shirt, and a pair of bourbon bleecker street boots.