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What's With The Pocket In A Pocket???

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    I am shocked at the amount of front left phone pocketers (sp? or new word) on here. I can't imagine my phone in my front left pocket. I'm right handed, but when I first got a watch as a child my natural inclination was to put it on my right wrist so maybe I'm just jacked up all the way around.

    For me its:

    FL: Slim Wallet and Keys

    FR: Phone only

    Back: any receipts or random papers



      @bere09: I agree completely. Really surprised to see how many people have their phone FL.

      FL: Keys

      FR: Phone

      BL: Card case (Saddleback)

      BR: Handkerchief



        My stuff moves around depending on what I'm wearing, a typical day might be:

        FL: Keys

        FR: Wallet

        Inside jacket pocket: Phone

        Back pockets: change and other miscellaneous crap.




          I can actually trace back to my reasoning for doing the phone in my front left pocket. In college, the desks in lecture halls came from the right side (and acted as kind of an arm rest for your right arm). I was finding that if my cell phone buzzed while I was in class it was difficult to remove it from my right pocket when sitting down because of the arm rest part. So, I switched it to my left pocket for easier, less conspicuous access. The habit stuck.




            It's funny how the little things we do on a daily, subconscious basis are formed and I'm impressed that you were able to remember the exact situation. I can't seem to remember why other than it just "felt right".



              I always carried my keys in my front right pocket, even when I was a young kid before having a cell phone was normal for youngins. Once I got a phone, I didnt want my keys to scratch it, so I put it in my left pocket. The habit just stuck :P



                FL is money clip if I have bills, loose change.

                FR is where my phone resides.

                Wallet / card holder stays in suit jacket, along with keys to car (which have the rest of my keys in my car)

                Also my suit jacket holds my small notebook, pen, pill case.

                Rarely Ill put my wallet in my back right pocket of my trousers if I have to travel w/o the jacket for a while.

                Ill also carry an extra hankie in my back left pocket during spring/summer months to wipe the brow when needed.



                  I've kept my phone in my left pocket for over a decade now so it's hard to say what started it, but it's one of two things:

                  1.) Unlike a lot of the young'ns in here, I was driving before I had a cell phone and the front right pocket already belonged to my keys. That relegated the phone to the left pocket.

                  2.) I'm right-handed, but left-legged. I always have been. So the heavier items go in the left pocket.

                  EDIT: LOL focuspants. I used the same term without even reading your post.



                    Haha, its the best because im one of the youngins youre refering to :P My right pocket was for house keys, as I have only been able to drive for 8 years lol. I just felt the opportunity to make a youngin comment and I had to go for it!



                      I'm not telling you thieves where I keep my wallet!

                      But I HATE the little inner pocket in my pockets. My keys always fall in and then are really hard to get out. One day when I have some time I will cut them all out



                        Hmm... It's interesting what this thread has turned into. I guess I'll give it a shot as well.

                        Pic I took a while back of what's in my pockets:


                        Left front pocket: Motorola Droid X (Used to take picture and therefore not shown. It's a decent phone but in the future I want a thinner one. Maybe the Droid Razr.)

                        Left front pocket (clipped): Streamlight MicroStream flashlight

                        Right front pocket: Saddleback Leather Small Wallet (I can never go back to having a wallet in my rear pocket. So much more comfortable.)

                        Right front pocket (clipped): Spyderco Delica 4 Wave pocket knife

                        Coin pocket: Lip balm (because the ladies don't like chapped lips )

                        Back right pocket (clipped on belt loop and tucked into pocket): Keys, LaCie iamaKey USB drive, and CountyComm Split Pea lighter on black carabiner.

                        Back left pocket: Handkerchief

                        I've found that the current placement of the items in my pockets is the best distribution of weight. I don't keep anything bulky in my rear pockets. It's much more comfortable. If I'm wearing a jacket I'll transfer the phone and maybe the wallet to it.



                          I think it makes perfect sense, phone in the left pocket so it can be pulled out while doing things with your right hand.



                            Unless you're left-handed

                            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                              Anyone else a little paranoid about keeping a cell phone in your pocket so close to the family jewels..... or no? (ball cancer, infertility, etc.)



                                Wow. This thread turned out to be pretty huge. Thanks guys. Interesting to read this all

                                As of now:

                                FL: iPhone

                                BL: Wallet