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What's With The Pocket In A Pocket???

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    What's With The Pocket In A Pocket???

    You know the little pocket that more and more pants seem to be coming with these days that is sewn in to the right front pocket of pants? It's about the size of a phone (which is what I'm assuming it's for).

    Am I the only that finds them INCREDIBLY annoying? Every time I stick my phone in the pocket it just gets caught in the smaller pocket. I really hate it. Why do manufacturers do this?!


    I'm pretty sure it's for coins to prevent them from rattling around. At least, that's what I use mine for.



      Hm. So speaking of, what's your pocket arrangement? As in, where do you keep your phone/keys/wallet between the front and back pockets?



        Ditto what Alan said. I use mine to make loose change a little less loose.

        Front left pocket: Cell phone

        Front right pocket: Wallet and keys

        Back pockets: empty

        I used to wear my wallet in my back right pocket, but I find it to be more comfortable (and more secure) in my front pocket.



          Its for loose change.

          As for pocket arrangement, front left for cell phone, front right for keys and wallet. I use this as my wallet though Once I went card holder/moneyclip, I could never go back. So much sleaker, and best of all, it forces you to only carry what you absolutely need, so no stupid wallet buildup. Plus its more durable and doesnt get damaged and need to be replaced nearly as easy since it is so simple. Got mine on sale at the Vegas outlet for 18 bucks.



            Front right: cellphone. Front left: keys and wallet. I use this magic wallet from J.Crew: I totally agree with Focuspants - now that I've gone card case, I'll never go back. Pants fit/look better without a huge wallet in my back pocket, and I don't miss a single one of the random club cards, business cards and receipts that I used to carry around with me.




              FR-leatherman and wallet



              Keys migrate.



                Migrating keys eh? Someone likes to live dangerously :P

                I cant let things migrate because my pre-location change pat down would be more stressful.



                  Front left: phone

                  Front right: Keys, change, small bills

                  Back left: empty

                  Back right: wallet

                  ... but I take my wallet out whenever I'm driving, at home, or at work. It's thick and it gives me backaches. I have one of those little card holder thingies, but I don't use it often. I like having everything at my disposal.



                    Front Left: Phone

                    Front Right: Keys and Money Clip (I only cary 3 cards so they fit)

                    ... but when I go out, I put my single house key in my 5th pocket if wearing jeans.



                      This is quite the thread jack:

                      FL: Chapstick, gum, pen

                      FR: phone and earplugs (a work necessity)

                      BL: wallet

                      BR: empty

                      Keys also migrate

                      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                        FL: House keys

                        FR: Car keys and Burt's Bees lip balm

                        BL: Nothing usually, receipts and other miscellaneous paper sometimes

                        BR: Wallet and pocket knife

                        If I'm wearing a jacket, though, I will put my wallet in the inside left pocket.

                        I never take my phone anywhere. Really, it's like a glorified alarm clock. It's one of the reasons I am still using a "dumb" phone. A smartphone just seems like overkill. To put things in perspective, my mom, dad, brother and I are all on the same plan (because it's cheaper that way) that gives us 300 minutes per month altogether. We have never used them all.




                          FL: Keys

                          FR: Loose money, phone

                          BL: Wallet

                          BR: Nothing

                          Oddly enough, I'm right-handed.



                            FR: Phone

                            FL: Keys,change,misc.

                            BR: Wallet

                            BL: Nothing



                              FL: phone

                              FR: card case

                              back pockets: usually nothing

                              I never know what to do with my keys. There really isn't a comfortable place for them. They usually go FR with the card case, but if I'm sitting down sometimes they stick into me. Sometimes they can fit nicely into the 5th pocket, but lots of pants don't have one big enough or at all.