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Anyone want a new 38R J Crew Herringbone Ludlow suit for $320? Outbid me please!

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    Anyone want a new 38R J Crew Herringbone Ludlow suit for $320? Outbid me please!

    Okay maybe this is the wrong place to post this - if so, very sorry. I'm panicking.

    I'm bidding on a (new with tags) J Crew Ludlow charcoal herringbone suit, size 38R, pants 32/32. Current bid (my max) is $315, so $320 would beat it. I realized (after the fact) that I don't want this suit!! It's a darker grey than in the photos, and I already own the J Crew factory Thompson suit which looks pretty much .. the same. I'm an idiot and kicking myself very hard right now.

    If anyone out there is looking for a 38R charcoal suit for $320 this just might be a good option for you - but please decide in 3 hours!!

    Retail price is $600.


    I get to use the same pic twice in the same day!



      No word in the English language could better describe the way I feel right now. D'oh indeed.



        Um, here's a thought: message the seller and tell him that you realized that the suit is darker than what the pictures show and that you have a suit like that already so you don't need two. Ask if he could revert your latest high bid.

        If you end up winning the auction and he doesn't revert your bid or cancel it, would I be scorned to shame if I suggested the "unthinkable"? I mean, you could live with the negative feedback with $315 in your pocket...

        I'm just saying...



          Thanks Drew, and to be clear now - the 'unthinkable' is... retracting my bid or cancelling after the auction? I'm clearly new to ebay...



            You can retract bids.



              Are you only assuming that the suit is darker than the eBay pictures because of the ones on

              Another option is to wait to receive the suit, if in fact you end up winning the auction, and see what it looks like. If it is actually much darker than the seller's photos, you can file an "Significantly Not As Described" dispute on eBay or Paypal, and you'll be refunded everything including the original shipping. What you would be out is the cost of return shipping + tracking back to the seller.



                Honestly, I would just try messaging the seller.

                Explain that you fear that it might not look like the photo he posted from what you saw on JCrew's site, and you want to save him the trouble of the return.



                  Also, IMO, $320 is a fairly steep price for a JCrew suit. For just a bit more you can get some nice canvassed suits.



                    I had actually been watching that auction. I would have bitten when i started watching in the 100 range, but i could not believe it ballooned to over 300.



                      Happy ending!! Someone outbid at the last minute. I believe that's referred to as sniping round these parts. Big relief, lesson learned.

                      And let me take a second to thank this wonderful community; I didn't expect so much helpful info (and so fast!), you all deserve a hearty pat on the back and some high fives.

                      For reals, thank you.



                        Haha I was actually bidding on that a couple days ago