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    I picked up a nice Banana Republic black leather jacket (and a few other bits & pieces) at Crossroads Trading at the Mission (Castro) end of Market Street when I was in town a couple of years ago

    Seemed like some pretty good deals available, but I had already bought enough to more than fill my brand new second suitcase by the time I got to SF, after nearly 5 weeks in the USA, so was at least as concerned with getting it all packed for the trip back to Oz as I was with acquiring more!

    They are also a possible venue to get rid of old clothes if there were any that made the long trek with you that you don't need, although I have read previous reports complaining about the low prices paid.



      I did a search for thrift stores and that one came up. I'll have to visit. HAVE to visit. =D



        Hope you're enjoying SF. It's definitely an interesting city. I live down on the peninsula (when I'm not at school). If you need any recommendations for things to do in the general Bay Area, just let me know.



          Dropped off a blazer at C&W today. A jaw-dropping $38 to lengthen the sleeves on it! Non-functional cuffs, but she'll move the buttons down too. That would be $15 where I'm used to going. Well, this will be a "cheap" test before sending a suit over there.