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    Show me Waist Coats

    I have only worn waist coats with a rental tux. My wife loves the look though and wants to get me one for my birthday or Father's Day. Can you guys suggest some good options. I want to keep it conservative. Also can these be warn in the Spring or is it strictly a cooler weather pierce?


    I went this route.

    Definitely not for summer but a solid 3 season getup.

    Another Dappered post on vests. A linen vest or something other than tweed will work well in the summer as a way to change things up. You kind of have to be a "vest guy" to do it. I made the leap and like it.

    When looking for a vest, you want it to cover about half or all of your belt but no more and certainly not shorter. I strongly prefer a vest that is made of the same fabric all the way around instead of having a polyester back which really only works if you're wearing a suit or sport coat over it.



      Wearing just the waist coat + briefs is a great look for around the house.



        @NC: I was wondering why you had laid out clothes over a pro's photo backdrop just for an exmaple pic... And then I realized it's from an earlier Dappered post. :-P



          @nicholascrawford That's a solid outfit, along the lines of something I'd wear. What kind of vest is that? I'm in the market for a new vest or two, especially with the warmer months coming up.



            ...and my response comes after the revelation that that is not, in fact, your outfit? I'VE BEEN HAD!



              Haha - if you click the first link, it takes you here:

              I saw that post, went to Target, bought the blue chambray shirt, drove straight to UO, bought the vest, got the shirt tailored, and now I've pretty much got that exact outfit.

              For $70, it was one of my only full-retail purchase for my wardrobe refresh, but it was worth it. UO doesn't sell the Hawkings McGill vest any more, but you can find similar options with a Harris tweed vest.



                I love waist coats. Oddly enough, when I first became interested in style, like about a year and a half ago, I thought vests were dumb because they covered a big chunk of your tie and it's half the material of a blazer yet almost as expensive as a blazer. Waist coats are awesome though because of how fitted they look.

                I think Topman has some good vests for a decent price (like $50 a piece).

                For spring or summer, do you think it's a fashio no-no, if you wear a wool vest? I don't mean tweed, but just regular wool.



                  I really like the Harris Tweed vest in Grey that AE sells. I think I will pick it up after Lent.



                    Went by H&M recently and they have tons of waistcoats in a variety of grays, black, as well as khaki linen. $30-$70 if I remember correctly.



                      Stupid question.....but with waist coasts/vests can they be taken in at the sides like a shirt can be? Or I guess they may have the drawstring in the back for that right?



                        @Pitt - Yes, they can absolutely be taken in by a skilled tailor. I've had it done myself.

                        The strap found at the back of many vests can also help, but typically is effective for only minor adjustments.



                          @ColoradoGuy awesome, I've always wondered about much did that run you? About the same as for a shirt?



                            @Pitt -- I think it might have cost a bit more, but not much. Depends on how the vest is constructed, whether it's fully lined, etc. I would imagine that it's similar to taking in a suit jacket.

                            Remember, however, that you don't want it too fitted. If a vest is too snug, a weight gain of even a few pounds could make things rather tight. And be sure that you can still sit comfortably with it buttoned. (After all, you can always tighten up the back strap if needed, but you can't make it looser than the vest itself.)



                              Heh. I'm having it done right now. I pick up the vest on Friday. I think it's $20-30. It's like opening up a suit jacket due to the liner, but it's on a small scale. The strap in back cinches the waist, but it can create weird bunching if the vest is really too big.

                              I would only tailor it if your vest is one solid fabric - not a cheap vest with a polyester back. In my case, Indochino is paying for the alteration, so I don't mind the cost. I just want it to be perfect! =)