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Mother Nature Ate My AE Strands

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    Mother Nature Ate My AE Strands

    I finally managed to get to a Nordstrom's and pick up a pair of Strands. For all those who recommended them; yes you are right. I haven't been this in love since I met my wife.

    In my haste to put them to use, and forgoing that all-important application of protectant, I wore them to work. We get about fifteen feet of snow here a year. I wore them on a recent flight to Charleston in the midst of a snowstorm and noticed when I into the airport that a lot of salt had accrued just above sole.By the time I got to the hotel and tried to rub the salt off it appeared the damage had been done. I've since repeatedly used a mixture of vinegar and water with hopes it would dilute the salt and I always use cedar shoe trees, but I fear the damage has been done. Does anyone know of anything I might do to recessitate them?

    My hope was that these Strand would age beautifully, like Monica Belucci, but the discoloration is already threatening to confine them to casual use.

    Please don't lecture about galoshes or those slip over things for wearing shoes to work. I draw the line at that, even if this is a $325 mistake.


    @Kittiwake - The Strand is indeed a beautiful shoe. Others may have some ideas of things you could try, but I would recommend either calling or emailing AE directly and explaining what happened.





        I'm going to recommend 3 Saphir products...

        Saphir Reno'Mat cleaner... About the best deep cleaner for smooth calf leather out there:

        Saphir Renovateur... The best leather conditioner out there:

        Saphir Dubbin Grasse... A deep conditioning product for leather based on mink oil. Intended as a waterproofing and conditioning compound for boots, etc. it's also good for re-conditioning distressed leather.

        I think your best hope is the Reno'Mat followed by Renovateur. If that doesn't do it the Dubbin may help. Alternatively, you could accept them as rougher, more casual shoes and put couple coats of Obenauf's LP on them.

        Also, pictures would help. Is the damaged area raised, or just discolored? If it's just discolored try the Reno'Mat, then the Renovateur, then some shoe cream to put some pigment back into the shoe... You may have to go darker to get it to even out. If it's raised... Well, I'm not sure what you can do, except keep trying the vinegar & water, try the Saphir stuff, or maybe take them to a cobbler.



          Thanks for the feedback. I've written Allen Edmonds but Jason's recommendations are well taken. Had I a walnut shoe polish, that might help out.

          I really do love the shoes and was hoping they'd be a long-term companion.

          Some days I look in the mirror and shake my head at the idiot looking back at me.



            Like others have said, I would just take them to a cobbler instead of trying to fix them yourself. They know what they are doing, and have worked miracles for me in the past.