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Coat for cool nights

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    Coat for cool nights

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a jacket (more of a coat than a blazer) for chilly days or nights. I'm a college student in LA, so the standard style is pretty casual, but I want to move past the standard hooded sweatshirt. In my search for a jacket, I've found most things online are geared toward colder climates. I mostly need something to keep me warm at mid-40s or higher. Preferably it would be something that can be used with anything from a t-shirt (though I'm also trying to cycle those out of my wardrobe) to a dress shirt and/or sweater.

    I'm about 5'9", 140lb. I wear a 30 waist, 15.5" neck, 34" arms, so I'm looking for something pretty slim.

    Also, my budget is around $70. I'd be willing to go a little higher if there's an item of superior quality, but I'd rather stick to under that if possible. (Unfortunately, I'm on a no-charge lent with the exception of this jacket that is a necessity)

    Right now, I'm looking at but I was afraid of the lack of reviews. Does anyone have experience with this item or even the brand? I was thinking of the black.

    If you have other suggestions or places to look at my price range, I would be very thankful.




    Hi Thomas. Do you have something already for rainy days? If not, a shell might be better than a fleece. It would resist wind and rain and provide a little insulation.

    I'm personally not a fan, but I know many here favor quilted jackets too.

    My go-to options are a softshell jacket I picked up in Australia this past summer on clearance from Kathmandu in burgundy:

    The other is my Old Navy wool blend coat that's waist length and fine for a top layer when I'm not dressed up. It's usually around $60, but it's out of season for it.



      @ thmage, I assume by LA you mean Los Angeles and not Louisana. I'm in San Diego, so I get the SoCal weather factor. I suggest checking out Harrington Jackets. Like this one:

      Check this one out on Ebay (from your measurments I assumed you were a medium) c3ca1#ht_2941wt_1018

      I have one I bought a couple of years ago from the Gap, very versatile, in fact a wore mine this evening to the beach.



        @nicholas, Yes, I do have something for the occasional rain. I don't really like wearing it, but the rain is sparse enough that it'll work on those occasions.

        I'm not really a fan of the quilted jackets either.

        @CJJ, thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I meant Los Angeles. While the description for the one you linked says Cotton, it looks almost like polyester outside, do you know if that's the case?



          I scoped out the jacket I referred on other websites and they all say 100% cotton.



            A Harrington from eBay was going to be my suggestion too



              Some good suggestions here:



                If you could find one of these on eBay then they seem perfect




                  I'm a big fan of this jacket. Relatively slim fitting for LL. Bean (jacket was originally from the Signature line) and very well made. A few dollars more than $70, but worth it.




                    Yeah, that LL Bean is also a Harrington, so I think we're all thinking along the same lines.



                      Just saw this in a JCrew email:


                      Looks pretty nice, but pricey @ $138. Can probably be had for $100 or so with a coupon eventually.



                        Here is another one I found on Ebay, lots of size and a few colors:




                          There's a lot of Harrington love around here these days. I wore mine a lot this weekend. Harringtons FTW.



                            I really like that LL Bean one (

                            Can't decide on the color. I'm thinking Khaki, but the Soapstone might be a good choice too. Any opinions?



                              I got the soapstone and like it a lot, but I can't wear a white shirt with it without looking like the top half of a milkman. Figure out what kind of shirts and sweaters you might wear with the jacket and go from there.