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Would you keep or return this pair of Allen Edmonds?

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    Would you keep or return this pair of Allen Edmonds?

    Just wanted your guys opinion about a pair of Double Monk Straps that Allen Edmonds were able to dig up for me at the back of their warehouse for $122 dollars (It's a discontinued style)!!! I've been looking for a pair of double monk straps and these shoes look gorgeous and are in fantastic shape...except for two areas.

    The lower strap buckle leather has some leather damage as if the person who was puncturing the strap accidentally started on the wrong area only to stop himself. Ironically, it's on the same spot on both left and right shoes lol (kinda gives it an even look). You can't see it when the shoes are on because the leather straps covers it.

    I know AE has a new double monkstrap coming out but it's on their more "european" last and I prefer the american last look instead. Additionally, there doesn't seem to be any quality monkstraps for close to the price I paid for these as was evidenced by an article here:

    My main worry was the defect leading to the leather snapping upon use from tension being applied to the leather from walking. AE informed me this was unlikely to happen but would issue me credit if it does. I'm guessing I could probably have this repair at a cobbler in the event that it does happen? Would you guys keep or not?

    Left shoe

    Right shoe


    So if I'm understanding correctly: the only flaw(s) are the cosmetic marks on the straps that cannot be seen when worn? Also, if there is an issue where the shoe breaks, AE will credit you?

    If you like them, it seems to be a win-win for $122.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      I agree--it's kind of a non-issue, seeing as it's not visible when buckled. You could always bring them to a cobbler and just have a true hole punched where the flaw is if it bothers you.



        ^^ What they said. I agree with kinojay33 about making it a true hole if you'd like. Regardless, wow, what a steal!



          Seriously... why can't AE deliver a pair of shoes without some kind of flaw? I have three pairs. Each one is screwed up in one way or another... obvious mis-stitching, scarred leather, ill fitting, damaged soles. The aesthetics are there, the the quality control is ridiculously poor for such a revered name in men's shoes.



            I'd definitely keep them. That's a great price.

            @Frost, what flaws do your pairs have, and how did you get them (i.e. 2nd's, etc)?



              Frost, I have Strands, McAllisters, MacNeils, and Fifth Avenues without any flaws. I think that you just had bad luck. It sucks, but try not to take it personally - the shoe company is not out to get you, nor is it deliberately trying to disappoint you.



                JC: One pair are firsts which had a nice nasty gash on the top of the shoe. The other two pairs are seconds, but let me make a point here. We've all been to outlets, and wholesalers such as Marshall's. In the past, when I've purchased at item labeled "irregular" there's typically a red piece of tape marking a slight mis-stitch or broken button. If "seconds" is AE code for "slightly irregular" it's certainly no wonder why they release "firsts" with minor flaws, as the severity of flaws in their "seconds" are rather glaring. The contrasting vertical stitching on the heel of my McTavish is off center by a very noticeable .5 inch on the right shoe, which also had a large wad of shredded leather stitched into the sole stitching in the upper heel area. The Strand I purchased looked fine at first, but later I noticed when looking down at my feet that the leather toe on the right shoe pushes forward past the sole. I actually had to take a picture to show you..

                You can see how the toe on the right foot overhangs the sole. Is that a second, or is that a college intern's best shot at making a shoe?



                  Strange... I have 3 pairs of AE's now, none with manufacturing defects... 2 were thrifted (one pair by me, bought the other) and one new in box I bought from eBay



                    @Acoustic - If you the defects are not noticeable and they will likely not cause any problems with the shoes, just keep them. No one will notice the defect and you got a great deal. Plus, AE has very good customer service. I'm sure if you do have problems in the future they will accommodate you.



                      @Acoustic: Inquiring minds want to know--how in the world did you find out that the shoe outlets had that shoe in your size at that price? Do Edward or Nate just love answering inventory stock emails? Do you ask for a price list of seconds in your size every few weeks? Do you just ask for that specific shoe? Do tell

                      During the President's Day sale, Nate just kind of stopped responding to my inquiries—maybe I had too many questions

                      And by the way, if that's the Mora, I saw a used version of that get sold on eBay recently for $230—used. I'd keep it since its only a cosmetic thing.



                        @Acoustic - I would definitely keep those at that price. No one is going to notice but you.

                        I received a pair of AE shoes this week that I ordered from the Freeport outlet and I when I took them out of the box yesterday, I noticed that the stitching was coming undone on one side. Below is a picture:

                        I called Edward at the Freeport outlet and he is mailing me a pre-paid UPS return label and he located another pair at a different location that he is going to transfer to his store to exchange them for me. Granted a shoe like that should never have been shipped to me, but this is an example of AE's excellent customer service.



                          Don't tell my wife, but I guess I have low standards. None of the defects discussed here would bother me. Gimme a couple of months, and I'll have a lot more damage to those shoes in a hurry!