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    I'll be running around doing events all day. Don't know what I'm wearing for them yet. They're semi casual, so not a suit. I wish I had a nice Donegal tweed vest to go with my green tie.

    For the pub afterward, I will probably be wearing one of my Ireland jerseys and jeans/chinos. Looking forward to some good craic and lots of Magners and Guinness!



      Wasn't Joe doing a post on St. Patrick's Day this week? Did I miss something?



        Well tomorrow's outfit is decided. I've got class in the morning and afterwards I'm walking to a nearby bar owned by a friend of a friend. I picked one of my green polos and I let me dog pick the shorts since I actually have 4 pair that would work (if you can believe that). Sometimes she can't make up her mind, but she was pretty decisive this time. I'll round it out with boat shoes and a braided belt (even though I'll likely go untucked). On most occasions like this I would opt for the leather flip flops, but I'm gonna be in a bar full of drunkies and would prefer not to slash my foot on broken glass.



          Had to have a laugh, turns out the LA weather is gonna be rainy all day tomorrow. :P

          Anyways, I own zero green clothing (besides a pair of boxers...), so I'll be skipping that tradition.



            I'm about to go wild. Plaid blazer (with some green accents), green v-neck sweater underneath (with a simple white button-up), and a green pocket square.

            Might just pair that with my typical bottom half: my Bonobos SF jeans (which I love, by the way) and brogues (which is kind of Ireland appropriate...right?).