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fall-type chukka boots

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    fall-type chukka boots

    as a preface, i really enjoy this forum and community of folks who share a lot of useful info!

    so i am looking for a chukka boot that is a fall season type of boot. i live on the west coast so i am not looking for anything super clunky or heavy duty like red wings or 1000 milers. rather, i looking for something that is comfortable and has a nice blend of ruggedness and sleekness. something that can be worn in the rain but also pairs nicely with pair of jeans or chinos in the cooler months. i do a fair bit of travel to the east coast so a boot that is comfortable for plenty of walking and can spare me from wearing oxfords or sneakers. my price range would probably be sub $200 just considering the fact that i dont necessarily expect to wear these a whole lot in the warmer months. obviously something of decent quality would be great. as an aside, i had been thinking of some clarks bushacres (not really as rugged but they have the leather and a decent shape) but i didnt like they way they fit my foot when i tried them on.

    here are some i found that looked promising and are perhaps indicative of the lines i was thinking along:

    any suggestions or thoughts?

    Haha, you've obviously been following Threads if you knew to head off the "just get some Clarks" suggestions right out of the chute.

    At those prices and for your needs, you probably can't go wrong with any of the options you posted. That second pair in particular strikes me as a good value for the money (but then, I never need to be told "sub-$200 budget" because I'm not an expensive shoe person).

    Since my style runs more casual than rugged, too, I'd spend a fraction as much and get these suede boots from Lands' End (you'd want to waterproof them, of course). The oxford version of the LE boot is tremendously comfortable and does well in the rain with a little protective spray, and they're a steal at under $50... but only if you like 'em.


      I'm not sure why Timberland calls either of those boots chukkas. A chukka only has two, maybe three, eyelets. I would consider all the boots you posted work/service boots. If that is what you are actually looking for, I would suggest the Chippewa 6" service boot. It can be found on eBay for <$200. There is also a made for j.crew model. Not as big/heavy as an Iron Ranger, but more substantial/durable than a Clark's desert boot.

      There is also the AE Promontory Point. It's discontinued, but they come up on eBay in batches from time to time. I own this boot, and it is very sleek. You could send a note to eBay seller dabondo1 to see if he has any.

      If you are looking for a true chukka, there is the AE Bellevue that can go below $200 on shoebank. Herring also has a few that look pretty nice. Of course, sizing/fit may be an issue ordering from overseas.

      Just doing an image search, I also found these that I really liked. I've never owned an UGG, so I have no idea on durability/quality. I just liked how they combined the look of a chukka with a service boot. The video makes them look pretty sleek, and Zappos has free returns.

      [MENTION=6632]AngusM[/MENTION] Those LE's look a bit clunky, but that price is a steal. How do they fit?


        Fit is true to size, maybe a touch big.


 - Horween, waterproof, good rubber sole, calf leather lined.

 I really like how this boot looks... if you like the Clark's look but something more sleek & refined (and it doesn't need to be waterproof/rubber soled), good choice here.