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Timex Weekender w/ Nato Strap

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    Timex Weekender w/ Nato Strap |13751422&CPNG=luggage&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=1375 1422

    Picked this one up at Walmart for $25. I now have 3 Timex watches. My other watch is a metal band fossil watch.

    -Weekender with brown nubuck

    -Easy reader black strap

    -Weekender w/ Nato Strap

    How about you guys? Anybody own more than one Timex?


    I like that watch a lot for the price. My problem is the band is just to short for my average/small-sized 7" wrist

    I have a several Timex watches, including Ironman, Expedition, and Easy Reader models.



      I've got the white-dial Timex Weekender with the blue and grey slip-thru strap, plus a Timex Ironman Shock (which is better and cheaper than comparable G-Shocks).

      My everyday-wear watch before I started to get into them was a Timex Expedition that I bought from Target years ago. It's still ticking away in my desk drawer, on the original battery and everything, but the strap is broken and I haven't gotten around to replacing it.




        I was looking at the watch on the website, and it was in the women's watch section. Is that a mistake on Target's part?



          I'm one of those "hooked on automatics" fellas. The Timex is very appealing for the look and price. I wish I'd be happy with it.



            I picked up a Timex Originals Dive Style watch in black and just returned it. At $65 it was more than these weekenders, and maybe they are worth the $25-$35, but the diver just felt cheap. The only thing I really liked about it was the leather NATO strap it came with but with 18mm lugs I couldn't even swap that over to any of my other watches. It had the indiglo thing, where you press the crown and the whole face lights up? That was kind of neat, but I worried it just strained the battery.

            I've seen the Seiko 5s, which look somewhat like the weekenders but with an automatic movement, going for as little as $50. Those are interesting and might be something I try for a cheap watch. I'm not 'hooked on automatics' but I prefer them. Not every style is available affordably in an automatic, though. Thin gold watches & chronographs I've found are pretty impossible to get as automatic at any sort of affordable price point.



              @ VespaMatt - I bought a Timex Expedition with Indiglo back in 2008. Used the Indiglo regularly (until I stopped wearing the watch regularly, of course). It's still running on the original battery.




                VespaMatt @ the movement in the Seiko 5 series is great, particularly for the price. The pilot-styles that were going for around $50 are fairly small and also have the 18mm lugs, but they're quality pieces. A friend of mine is a watch fiend. He's got one or more of most major luxury brands: Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Bell & Ross, etc. The watch that gets the most wear for him is a Seiko Monster (5-series dive watch). It's a solid movement, super-durable watch, and it's absurdly affordable compared to the others.

                You're right about thin watches and chronos, though: you'll pay a sweet premium for more complex movements.



                  i have two weekenders, one white faced, one black faced.....also have a red and gray canvas strap and a navy/grey strap, i love em and they get more compliments than my higher end ($200-300) watches

                  Personally, I love em, and plan on buying more straps



                    *Can't edit my post now, but I meant to say the Timex diver came with a leather TROPIC strap. Not NATO.

                    I have an Orient Snorkeler (Submariner homage) and thats the watch I wear the most and I think I'm going to get a leather tropic for it, unfortunately I can't find any as cool as the one that came on that Timex. I am thinking of giving one of those smaller Seiko 5s a chance for sure.