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    Getting Started on Ebay

    I have yet to ever buy clothing on Ebay. How do I get started? Any pointers or tips? Anything I should look for (or avoid)?


    Set up a couple customer searches with the brands, sizes etc that you like. That helps you narrow things quickly.

    Just use best judgement....if its 15$ and you are unsure, its not a bad chance to take. If its 200$ and you are unsure, probably should pass it up. (Unless bidding was heavy and you know you can resell it)



      Just look for good brands and pay attention to measurements since not all people allow returns. If you are looking for shoes, google the brand and model to read reviews and get more information on how they fit.



        Okay, and what is the deal with buying used items? Are we against that? Or are there great talmudic debates over that? (Specifically in the way of shoes...)



          I have to go out soon, but I recently started using Ebay, so here are a couple quick tips as a buyer.

          1) READ MEASUREMENTS! Measure yourself, or preferably your best fitting suit jacket, and compare. This is of course for suits/sport coats/blazers. Make sure the item youre receiving can and will fit you well enough to at least be tailored to work.

          2) Be patient! Searching for and finding what you want at a good price can take days, weeks or months. Dont settle for something if you have your heart set on something else. Keep looking, it will pop up eventually.

          3) Read the sellers reviews. I have bought 5 things recently. I read the reviews of the sellers for the first 4, and had great experiences. The last one was for a tie, and the listing was ending seconds after I found it. I bid, and paid. I have been waiting over 2 weeks and they havent even shipped it yet, nor have they responded to emails and messages. Buy from people with overwhelmingly good responses. It will be a much mroe enjoyable experience.

          4) Hunt for the best price. A lot of times you can find a gem because of a sellers listing being spelled wrong, or some other similar mistake. I found a BOSS sportcoat that retails for about $5-600 for $29.99 because the listing was misspelled, and I am assuming people didnt find it or something. I had the only bid. If you want to know how to find crazy deals often ask JC, cause he seems to be a miracle worker with the deals he finds. I need to pick his brain how he approaches searching for items.

          Thats all I got for now, need to run! GL!



            Just had my first foray into this world today, I'll post back with how it goes (bought a suit). I already knew the fit would be fine as I have the same items in a different color.

            I would agree to focus on sellers feedback rating and overall policies regarding returns and what not. Given how harshly a few negative feedback scores can be on a rating, a high rating with a large amount of feedback is usually a good sign.



              @ Devirkahan, I dont think we are against used around here. My personal preference when buying used is to purchase from reputable sellers, who provide detailed information and pictures. I know some folks dont recommend buying used shoes because someone else's foot shape has molded the shoe and this can in turn harm your foot. I've bough one pair of used AE's on Ebay and was happy with the outcome, yet I made sure that sole wasnt too run down (one indicator of exccesive use).



                CJJ makes some really good points. It's always the best idea to buy used from someone who provides great pictures. A couple years ago I bought a Corneliani charcoal suit in like new condition for less than $150. They retail for about $1000. It worked out great because the seller had great pictures and excellent feedback.



                  Go look at for their eBay roundups. That'll introduce you to some interesting quality brands you may not have heard of. They also have good saved searches you can use to find good quality brands of shoes and suits.

                  Also, used saved searches. I have over a dozen saved searches and the ones I'm actively searching for I have email me every day with new items found.

                  Use or some other autosniping service... There's nothing worse than getting busy and missing the end of an auction and not getting your bid in. Yes, you could put your maximum bid in beforehand, but that tips people off and they can take their time and decide if they want to make a run at you. I'd rather do it last minute and try to get it as cheap as possible up to my limit.

                  Finally, READ THE DESCRIPTIONS. Too many people gloss over the descriptions and are surprised by what they get. Make sure the pictures are of the item you're actually getting, not a stock photo. Make sure you read about any flaws / defects / damage to the item and factor that into your maximum price.

                  EDIT: On the great pictures front... Yes and no. On the one hand great pictures are great and let you see exactly what you're getting and make an accurate assessment. On the other hand great pictures let the other people looking at it see exactly what they're getting and make an accurate assessment. Some of my best deals were on poorly listed items with bad pictures... Fortunately I already knew what I was looking for and what the item looked like, and it was a NWOT item, so I got it cheap.



                    @JC - Great tip on Looks like a great website!