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Signet Rings (Or Any Other Rings Excluding The Wedding Band)

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    Funny that this thread has been zombie'd today, I just bought a honking statement ring the other day as a birthday present to myself and have been enjoying it quite a bit. Contrary to what I posted above four years ago, I also routinely wear a pinky ring these days (I've got two that I rotate between).



      I think the rings in your first two links are great. They are subdued and interesting. I have a small gold pinkie ring that my parents bought for me on a vacation in Italy that is similar.. As long as the things aren't gaudy or worn with a bunch of other jewelry, I'd say you are ok!


        Originally posted by hockeysc23 View Post
        There is just something about rings on men outside of a wedding band that seems to come off as italian mobster or rock star. To each their own but the band is enough (I often wish I didn't even have that due to having to take it off to play sports, lift, car repair, etc.).
        Did you say rock star?

        Clearly the best moment in men's ring-wearing is in the Guns 'n' Roses video for "November Rain" at 3:08. Slash, having misplaced the ring he is supposed to be holding for Axl and Stephanie Seymour's wedding, borrows Duff McKagan's spare pinky ring (which he happens to be wearing outside his leather gloves) so that the wedding can proceed.


          I believe that in Canada, it’s traditional for engineers to wear a pinky ring.


            Navajo silver/turquoise ring:

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