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    Jcrew Cardigan Advice

    I'm looking to buy the first few cardigans ever. I'm looking at the moment at J.Crew softspun cardigan sweater and their merino wool cardigan. Can someone testify if the softspun is a better way to go ($10 more) than the tried and true merino? I'm slightly less concerned about comfort than I am more on durability (piling, holes, etc), although durability equal I'd pay an extra $10 for comfort.

    I'm also wondering if now is a good time to nab these classic staples on their 30% off sale or if they usually have bigger sales like during Thanksgiving or Christmas. I'm not in a rush as the real cold hits here in Dec-Feb but the sale ends in a day. If there are other retailers I should be looking at with equal quality and better cost, do let me know. Thanks for the feedback.

    I really like the J.Crew cardigans. Have always had lucky with them over others. Personally, I look the merino cardigans. They look a bit more polished than the softspun. I've had a few for 3+ years and they're holding up great.

    30% off is actually pretty good for a merino cardigan. I've seen them go a bit lower, but only if they make it to the sale section (and you get lucky enough to find it in your size while they're running an addition % off).

    hope that helps!


      A couple things to note. The soft spuns are brand new this year so there won't be anybody with long term tests of the sweaters. It also looks like J. Crew created new item numbers for their merino cardigans this year (and hopefully developed new sweaters), which makes sense since last year their merino cardigans had some quality issues (pilling, holes, etc). Personally I am a huge fan of merino cardigans, but I'm looking forward to checking out the soft spun. Considering the soft spun is a mix of materials, it will probably last longer, but honestly I think the choice really comes down to color.

      As for price, 30% is really solid for non-clearance. I think they had one 40% off sale around Xmas last year. So up to you if you want to save 10%. Cardigans are a great fall piece.


        I was actually just at the JCrew Men's shop at the Grove this weekend and saw that piece on a mannequin. To be honest, not a big fan of the contrast design on it. Felt nice, though. Maybe it was just the set up they had for it...Felt way too Ivy to me...and I like that style. You should note that it's pretty chopped...I tried on a medium and I'm 5'8" and I felt like it was just too short. It would barely cover a properly fitting t-shirt...if you raised your arms you'd show stomach. I ended up picking up this one instead. It's cotton, not merino or soft-spun, but it's super comfy. Ended up picking up a large (gonna have to take the waist in a bit) since I felt the medium was too short and too snug for me (wouldn't have been able to fit a button-down and a tie underneath it, I don't think; I'm also super wide). It's also a good bit darker IRL. I picked it up in store for $90 after taxes with a 30% discount, for whatever that's worth. Figure it'll hold up pretty well; construction seems sturdy enough, but again, you asked about the wool pieces, and I'm just rambling at this point. Hopefully you got a little value out of this post.


          This is a great forum with real expert advice! I need to get on here more often. I just ordered a number of items.

          Matchbook, I don't like the contrast cardigan, just the regular ones. The soft spun is a light colored--not sure if it will work with my skin tone but I'll order one of those and a couple of the dark slim merino cardigans all in medium slim.

          I'm also ordering the pine (dark green) Wallace and Barnes shawl cardigan sweater if anyone has thoughts on that one. I'm a young professor and want to increase my layering options for our long cold winters. Also, I realize I haven't tried on a slim fit medium sized sweater. We'll see how it works compared to the regular medium.
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