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  • The Ultimate Grey Soct

    Hi Everyone,

    First time to Threads, but avid reader of Dappered.

    Recently I've been trying to simplify my wardrobe and have run into a reccuring problem in my sock drawer. I have special socks, light brown socks, dark brown socks, black socks, navy socks. Probably over 20 pairs of dress socks and very few repeats. I need to change this. I want to get one pair of dress sock that meets 80% of my needs. I have settled on a light to medium color grey sock. It can be worn with all of my shoes and outfits. This way I don't waste time in the AM trying to find the perfect sock, I only have one option.

    Who here has found the ultimate grey sock?

    I tried the merino wool blend sock from Nordstrom based on advice on the main site and was thoroughly disappointed in the results. I find them clammy and cheap. At this point, don't worry about price. I want something that feels comfortable, is a general weather sock not a super light summer sock or a super heavy winter sock. I want them to wick away moisture well, not seem so thin I'll wear it out in a season but not uncomfortably thick in the summer. Any suggestions? Something with a history of satisfied reviews is preferred. I don't want to fall in love with a brand that goes away.

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    I've had no complaints with Gold Toe. They seem to last about as long as anything I've had but I don't buy $30/pr socks either. These BB socks:

    I have one pair in the light grey and have worn the crap out of them the whole summer and see no signs of coming apart yet. They shrunk a little in the wash and are now between ankle and crew length so keep that in mind. I have a couple other BB socks that are thinner a pindot(cotton) and plain OTC (wool blend) and the pindot lost it's elasticity on the first wear and now won't stay up. The OTC seems fine but no better than my Gold Toe wool blend OTCs that cost less.


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      Pantherella gray wool over the calf. Sierra Trading Post has them, or did.

      I've read they're being discontinued, which is unfortunate.


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        I like the over-the-calf socks from Lands' End. They come in a medium-leaning-dark gray that works with (almost) everything, they stay up all day, they come in sizes (important for my small feet), and they hold up well, especially for the price.


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          Originally posted by winghus View Post
          I've had no complaints with Gold Toe.
          I have similar experience. All of the gold toe socks I have are rather rudimentary, but they seem to have held up great over the last couple years. And I have huge wide feet+calves, and test my socks' worth daily.

          I really wish they felt a little more like a "quality product". All of the "nice brand" socks i've ended up with ending up being garbage.

          I've also had pretty good luck with some of the Nordstrom Rack socks. Though they're also rather rudimentary, they seem to have held up just fine.


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            I've been very happy with the Kirkland Select dress socks at Costco. Four pairs for $8-9 bucks, and they're perfectly adequate. I don't think about socks at all anymore. I just grab more from Costco when I need them.

            EDIT: I also have some casual Gold Toes that I picked up at Costco for about the same price. No complaints.


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     also has grey socks. They’re made in Italy and come in different sizes. They offer a subscription service so you’re never out of socks. I considered trying them out but haven’t done so yet and can’t attest to the quality. I get my socks at Uniqlo because they’re inexpensive, comfortable and last a long time. I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair split at the toe—unlike many brands from department stores.


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                i'm a fan of falke.


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                  I bought Gold Toe socks and while some are comfortable, others aren't. I now have pairs that dried/shrank and one goes over the calf and the other goes to mid-calf. It sucks.


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                    thanks Everyone, I'm going to check out some of these options