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Puma Suede Sneakers - Red $22.75 (free shipping)

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    Puma Suede Sneakers - Red $22.75 (free shipping),en_US,pd.html?source=GAN_Internet%20Bran ds%20-%20Ben%27s%20Bargain%20Center

    For some of you, this may not be your cup of tea, but here they are. I picked up a pair to throw some extra color in my casual outfits. Price is good


    Could be fun for the summer...if I were wearing my current pair of Puma sneakers and could check the size I'd probably grab a pair, but since I'm not I'll have to wait until I get home. I guess that gives them time to sell out so I can continue my no-purchase March streak



      @trash, out of stock now. looks like your wish came true :P



        Damn, wish I had seen this a while ago (stupid work related meetings!) I've been looking to add a little bit of red to my ensembles, and was considering another pair of Converse, or potentially the Nike Cortez in red. This would have been a perfect substitute, but they're sold out.

        Just as well though...I've been on a tear replenishing the wardrobe with all the recent sales popping up. I'll wait for my latest Ebay auctions to sell off before I look at adding anything else.



          I have the grey suede version of these and always get a lot of compliments on them