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    Anybody ever used or heard of this website?


    Interestingly I stumbled across them the other week. Ummed and ahhed over it for a week or so and decided to pull the trigger (helped that I had some leftover AUD that needed spending). Ordered on Monday, so I'll let you know in a couple of weeks time how it goes :-)

    -- G



      Yeah, please do. I'm really interested to know how well they tailor since they take such extensive measurements and the fabric seems to be legit.



        Thought I'd give an update for Mathis, and anyone else interested for that matter.

        Shirt arrived the other day but have only just had the chance to get to the delivery depot today. Pretty pleased with speed of service, 13 days to be exact from ordering to doorstep.

        I'll give you initial impressions now, since I've only tried the shirt on the once and given it a quick going over. It may change once I've done a more thorough inspection and the euphoria of 'new shiny' has worn off.

        Fabric - The fabric I chose (McLachlan) was a lightweight Egyptian 'blend'. It says it has 5% CVC for easy ironing, which I guess accounts for the blend. Won't comment on durability till it has had a few washes, doesn't feel like it'll fall apart though.

        Tailoring - On first, brief inspection it looks well made. No loose seams anywhere, no excesses in fabric. Buttons look well stitched on.

        Fit - Superb. Was a bit skeptical with giving the body measurements and how it would turn out. Had a flatmate measure me up following their guides, easy peasy. Best fitting shirt I own (now).

        Other thoughts - I own a Blank Label shirt as well. I'm a bean pole so MTM shirts have been a lifesaver. Quality of tailoring is on par with one another. Can't comment on customer service. Probably would give the nod to BL though on the 'friendliness' factor. Pickashirt was fairly transactional (which is fine by me), so not sure what they'd be like to deal with if something went wrong. Pickashirt works out a bit cheaper for their 'premium' fabrics it would appear but having not viewed either of their premium offerings in person I can't comment on whether there is a difference in quality. GoGreen option has some nice 'feel good' factor to it (donate 10% of profit to a non-profit environmental organisation).

        Downsides - Shipping costs a bit, but when you are used to paying shipping regardless it's comparatively cheap. Still worked out cheaper than most decent options locally anyway and it fits me properly. Also, it would seem that many of the customisations cost extra. No biggie for me as the only one that remotely interested me would have been removable collar stays (this shirt has a button down collar).

        Either way, I'm thoroughly pleased with the shirt and now have a couple of MTM options so that means an even bigger fabric selection. Definitely would recommend giving them a whirl if you're in the hunt for cheapish MTM shirting (and especially if you live outside the US like me and Ratio isn't an option).

        -- G