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    Even if the interviewer or the place you're working values individualism, as an interviewer I would still think, "wow, this guy doesn't know you're supposed to wear conservative attire at an interview?"


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      what everybody else said. subtle and put together for an interview. dark shoes (black or dark brown) without much flash. As for the quality pair for work...meh. You can do a dark brown and not need the black. It is pretty acceptable in a wide scale these days. You don't have to go old school black to be conservative. Besides, your manners will usually make more of an impression than your shoes. Be polite and respectful and you will be set apart from a large portion of the interviewees.

      And most importantly, good luck on your interview.


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        Originally posted by LosRockets View Post
        Understood. Off topic I'll say that I think readers (and writers) on sites like this may be slightly overstating the importance of appearance to justify a way of life that is somewhat different from the norm (hey, I do it). We want to believe we'll stand out - and yes, experience and social psychology studies say that to an extent a better-dressed applicant may stand out a bit more, but there's also a question of effect size to consider (or in other words, your p <0.01 but you're not making a real-world, practical difference).

        @thecharlessg - Neats are totally appropriate and acceptable for a suit, it's the cigar in his mouth and the bold striped shirt that makes a strong impression
        I think that most of this is on the subconscious level. I have been part of interviewing processes for years and dealt with all kinds of execs that make flash decision based on first impressions. Is it fair? No. But it is true. And it isn't like they say "man, did you see that guys suit? it fit like crap, get him out of here" but they treat certain people differently from the get go. A smile and a hand shake instead of just a nod and "have a seat". I am the guy that lobbies for the best qualified very often, mostly because I have to work with the people, but yeah it does happen and yeah, it does make a difference. As far as the size of the one point the staff I worked on was 6 guys, all the same basic look. 6 foot, brown hair, white guys of similar builds. All hired by the same person. Coincidence? Nope. We had cotnractors ina nd out that did just as well of a job but they didnt stick.


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          Stay conservative for the job interview. Plain shoes, non-loud color ties are perfect.