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Trying out a new service that helps finding perfectly fitting shirts

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    Trying out a new service that helps finding perfectly fitting shirts

    Wanted to post and let you guys know about a new service I founded called We're a service that helps guys find perfectly fitting clothes - launching with men's shirts and accessories - by matching your body and size to clothes that fit your proportions best. We're in Beta right now, and I'm looking to get some feedback from guys who know what they're talking about on how it's working, what kind of fit matches you're getting, and how you'd like the service to improve. I'm hoping your expertise can help shape this service to make it something that you would find very valuable.

    Brand-wise, we have some great ones on board, with more coming....Bonobos, Topman, Todd Snyder, Twillory, and more. We'll be launching CT, TM Lewin, and others very soon.

    Here's a long blog post explaining the concept and where we're going. And here's our 2 minute YouTube video explaining what we're doing. Or you can just go to

    Thanks guys, appreciate the help!

    Are you looking for test subjects? If so I'd be happy oblige!


      Originally posted by charlest1 View Post
      Are you looking for test subjects? If so I'd be happy oblige!
      Absolutely we are! Head to to sign up and get started. If you need a measuring tape, I'll be glad to send you one for free so you can get started, just go here. We're looking for as much feedback as we can get! Email me at [email protected] with your thoughts. Thanks much!


        I gave your site a try. Very cool concept, and it's something I actually toyed with building about a year ago. Wish you luck. Couple quick points:

        - well built, functional interface.

        - it felt like you could reduce the number of measurements needed. It felt as cumbersome as ordering a custom shirt. I know you want to make sure to be comprehensive but I bet you will lose a ton of customers who fail to make it through the measuring. Maybe you could start with a more basic set, then offer more measuring options to "power users."

        - you definitely need to work on how results are displayed. Once I get my best fitting brand, I then have to sort through every shirt in their catalogue. Is cumbersome and off putting.

        - unsurprisingly, I didn't get any highly rated results. I assumed this because I don't ever fit great in otr, but was nonetheless curious what your algorithm spit out. For the out of luck guys like me, you need a more satisfying payoff for our efforts. Since you already have our stats, why not partner with a custom shirt maker and preload measurements into their site? Could be a good way to drive guys into mtm for the first time.


          DRM, thanks for giving a whirl, appreciate you taking the time. All your feedback makes tons of sense.

          - Reducing the measurements needed is key. We're trying to move away from hand measurements as soon as possible and build a smart-sizing tool like some of the custom shirt guys use.

          - Totally agree on the sort results. Unless you use the filters to narrow your results by color or brand, it can be overwhelming. We're trying to implement some more intelligent sorting to break it up somewhat.

          - I'm curious to see what kind of ratings you got so we can improve the matches. If you wouldn't mind shooting me an email ([email protected]) with your name I can check into it? Totally agree, though, on making a payoff. The custom-shirt option would be a really nice one to direct folks to, especially since we already have the measurements like you said.

          Thanks again for all the help.