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2012 Spring Style Guide

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    2012 Spring Style Guide

    I reviewed the style guide from Dappered and I just wanted that impressed. It was to me a bit lacking.

    Well Style Girlfriend (a great style blog) had a post this morning about a site I have never heard of. The site is They put out a 24 page style guide. It seems to cover almost everything. The site is Southern leaning so it speaks to a lot of the style I see where I live.

    Worth checking out.


    There is a lot of ill-fitting clothes in that style guide. Sleeves too long on several blazers, and pants with to much break.



      Yeah, I noticed that too.

      Not to say that the written suggestions weren't good...but I didn't see anything groundbreaking in there.



        ^ +1



          Using that to figure out some styles to copy would be fine, but the fit is horrible on a lot of it. Doesn't look like a single suit has seen a tailor. How did they manage to find that poor fellow a pair of 514s that fit that badly? I have a pair two sizes too big and they fit better than that.



            Some of you guys are confused -- "The Dapper Style" site has virtually nothing to do with the "Dappered" site and forums.



              I wasn't too inspired by what I saw in this Style Guide. I mean... maybe it would be helpful to guys who are pretty unfamiliar with the basics of men's summer style. Ditto the above comments about fit in some cases. The guy in the suit looks particularly bad, especially considering the caption that comments on the importance of fit in a suit.

              Mostly, though, I fail to see how it's particularly Southern in flavor? To me most of the featured looks had a much stronger Ivy League/prep school vibe.

              Also, ditto Big Scooter on the guy in the 514s. If your 514s resemble Hammer pants, you are either wearing the wrong size or you need to find a different jean.




                @coloradoguy Correct

                I didn't post this as a tribute to the fit in the guide; yes it is bad, but they had some decent suggestions for building a wardrobe from the ground up.



                  @bremersm - In your OP, you said you weren't too impressed with's guides? Not sure what you mean.

                  I think they do a good job of illustrating some good combos and explaining fundamentals. Good reminders. Altogether, it had a weird vibe with girls looking lustfully at guys, and the text was hard to read with the colors and typeface.

                  Seemed like a Long Island, NY kind of style perspective. Good effort. Hope they refine it and give it another shot.