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Banana Republic - 40% off 1 full priced item + 20% additional code.

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    @Zack, are you trying to buy them together? It's 40% off one item, so if you'll have to purchase them separately.

    no big deal though, because free shipping



      Nope, I've gone in separately every time I've ordered (I've ordered 5 shirts and a jacket thus far). They grey color won't take, for whatever reason. Pink and blue discounted fine, though. Grabbed a few other things that I'm iffy on, but worth it to try them out and see how they look. Thank God for a Banana Republic in walking distance from my apartment, and free shipping on the web!



        If you guys could get 1 slim fit shirt, what would it be? Low on cash, but this is such a good deal :/



          Does anyone have exact measurements for those slim fit stretch poplin shirts? I called and they only have the general size chart found on their site. I'm looking at size S.



            @mugen you might as well just order two and then return the one that doesn't fit well. shipping is free. might be a bit more of a hassle, but discount is worth it.



              @ nftmlk, I'll probably end up doing that but if someone had one of these shirts in that size, it would've saved me a little bit of trouble.



                @totino i have the same question haha. I don't know what I want, but I know I want something!



                  I have 2 slim fit BR shirts already and to me, they fit pretty true to size. I'm 5'11/160 and the mediums fit well over a t-shirt/undershirt without being too tight. No bunching when they're tucked in.



                    Curious about the khaki tench so I pulled the trigger. I'll just return it if it doesn't work out.



                      I ordered one of the Linen/Cotton shirts. Does anyone know how the fit is on these? They aren't listed as slim fit, so I can only assume they are classic. I just hope its not baggy.



                        Sweet, thanks for the heads up. Ordered myself an XS light jacket for the spring/summer.



                          @Totino, depends on what you're in the market for. For instance, I ordered a red/white slim fit dress shirt, because I don't have anything that looks similar. Not sure how the color will look in person, but with the free shipping and in store return, gave it a shot. You could also stock up on some old standbys in neutral colors, etc. I would say if sizing is an issue you could just order in various sizes, but doing that would be dependent on if you have a BR nearby so that you're not stuck having to do return shipping.



                            @Zack What shirts are you getting for the combined codes? I'm having a hard time finding anything outside the cotton/linen casuals that will take.



                              My shirt orders, thus far:

                              Slim Fit Poplin Dress Shirt-Lilac

                              Slim fit soft wash bengal stripe-red rust

                              Tailored slim fit non-iron-saucy red

                              Slim Fit Poplin Dress Shirt-Bay Blue

                              Slim Fit Poplin Dress Shirt-Delicate Pink

                              The reds are "experiments" since I have very little red, but wanted to check them out. Debating on the blue shirt because I have so many blues already, but the lilac and pink will most definitely be kept.

                              I also ordered a lightweight jacket for spring/summer.



                                @Zack: I tried both codes twice on separate orders and they worked. Are you doing separate orders for each of those shirts?