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Thoughts on black denim?

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    Thoughts on black denim?

    While going through my current wardrobe rebuild/refresh, I've been looking at adding a few pieces that I've normally ignored or strayed from to see if my opinions have changed. One of the things I've purchased recently but am still debating on keeping as part of the wardrobe is a pair of black Levi's 514's (which is pretty much the only jean I wear, so I love that it gets a lot of love around here).

    Typically I wear darker blue denim, and I also have a pair of gray 514's. Like any well-dressed man, I've got plenty of black pants and dark colored chino's to fit in amongst the standard khakis. For some reason though, I've never been high on black denim. I know the whole "the darker the denim, the better", especially when wearing button downs, polos, blazers, and the like, but solid black screams more casual than anything to me. I feel like it would go well with a solid t-shirt, but that may be about it. I don't know if it'd look right with a button down or polo, and to wear it casually with, say, a band shirt, would make me feel like I'm in a college rock band.

    So, while going over this, I figured I'd reach out to my Dappered friends for their thoughts. Do you guys wear black denim at all? Am I being too hard on it, or should I give it a shot, dress it up, and see how it works?


    I guess I'm not a well dressed man because I have no black pants whatsoever. I think about the only thing black denim will look good with is white... a white t-shirt or white button-down. I find black very hard to coordinate with.



      I've never been big on black denim since I find a nice gun metal gray denim to be way more versatile. Black denim, to me at least, doesn't look good with much else besides a white tee.



        Haha, no offense meant to Jason or anyone else. Though I've got a closet full of gray, khaki, blue, brown, etc. pants, I've always felt (in my opinion) that black was a requirement for myself. I'm also a part of the Black Shoe Brigade (don't worry fellas, I've got several pairs of brown as well to rotate), so maybe I'm just in the minority there.

        I do the dark denim/button down or polo/blazer look fairly often, so while it's not something I'd pull on a Monday at the office, it might be something I'd have tried for a Friday, since it could have been something to move well from the office to the nightlife. Sounds like the few opinions here are of my own so far though. I've been leaning towards returning them (the last thing I want is a closet full of wasted money and unworn pieces). Just wanted to see if I was missing the boat on something.



          Stay away from jet black jeans.

          Faded black jeans are easy enough to pair with shirts. A bigger problem is shoes. Brown shoes won't work, black shoes are boring and won't pop with black jeans, gray shoes will make you look monochromatic (especially with a white shirt). Colorful or white shoes might pop too much.

          I really like gray jeans though.



            Like Jason, I don't own any black pants. I don't really see the need for them. They don't dress down well, and trying to dress them up just makes you look like a server at Applebee's or a Mormon missionary.

            Black jeans are sort of different. I wouldn't wear them but I have some more "high fashion" friends who do. I guess it depends a lot on your style. If you're more of a leather and rivets type and less of a tweed and suede type, you might be able to pull off black jeans.




              Looks like I'll be returning them, since the more I think about my opinion (and see what you guys have to say), I don't think they'll get enough wear to warrant the purchase.

              I do prefer black pants when I'm dressing up, but that's just me. My casual/semi-dressy pants are typically regular chinos or grey. I've got a darker shade of brown and a pair of colorful blue (not neon and not navy, but a regular hue). I do love my gray jeans too.



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                  I've got a pair of black skinny jeans I bought a few years ago. I pull 'em out every once in a while but mostly they stay in my closet.

                  I usually take pictures of my outfits (not good pictures, but just so I can remember what I've worn recently and on particular days to avoid too many repeats with, for example, people I only see on Tuesdays). Here is an example of one outfit (from October) incorporating my jeans. I think they're workable but they sure aren't my favorites.



                    I have a pair of black 501s, black on black with dark stitching:


                    I also took the leather tag off them. I use these to make a monochrome minimal look, with various shades of grey. I think black denim is very casual by nature and I haven't tried wearing them with a sport coat.

                    very occasionally, when I want to channel my inner mall ninja, I will pair them with my black 45/P jacket Which will have to do until I can afford this



                      My style isn't off the wall, but I have to disagree that brown shoes won't work with black denim. Earthkeepers, desert boots, brown suede, tan shoes, ox blood, etc. all pair well with black bottoms but tend to look even better when paired with denim(jeans).

                      The caveat to black denim is that you may have to think a little more on what to wear.



                        Being a member of the Black Shoe Brigade is better than being a member of the Effeminate Queen Brigade... lol.

                        As for the black jeans, I bought a pair myself thinking the same "well, the darker the better!" thoughts as you had, and I've worn them a whole ZERO times. They just don't go with absolutely anything at all. I'm not a fan.



                          Wearing a pair of black jeans for the first time that I bought a few months ago, and I'm regretting it. Had a hell of a time trying to coordinate a pair of shoes and shirt to go with the jeans and the ensemble just looks odd.

                          I stopped purchasing black dress pants long ago. Should've known better with the jeans. Guess they'll go in the donate pile.



                            I was looking for a pair of black jeans for the longest time because I wanted something different than all these blue jeans out there. I stumbled on a pair of grey jeans and I think it is a better alternative than black. Still more formal than blue, but a little easier to match with other things.



                              I'm not a big fan of black either. I've got some grey jeans, but no black. I remember when I was in middle school, we had to wear black pants for a chorus concert. I decided to buy black jeans because I didn't want to wear dress pants. Haha. Even back then, I never ended up wearing them. Basically, they came out 2 or 3 times a year for our chorus concerts.

                              I do have ONE pair of black Dockers Alpha chinos, but I've only worn them once. To a funeral.