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What knot to use with this tie with a different neck stripe?

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    What knot to use with this tie with a different neck stripe?

    I purchased this tie during the Clad sale (I hope this link works):

    The question is, what knot should I be using? I can't get the variegated neck stripe in the right position. I've tried tying it a few ways but the contrasting stripe section ends up below the knot. Any tips would be appreciated!


    Could you post some pictures of what is happening when you try to tie it?



      Is the tie the right length on you once its tied? Is the blade htting your belt line? Or is it lower than that? And are you a tall or average sized guy?

      If you're ending up with unwanted material below the knot, its one of 3 things:

      You're tying it too long

      You're a tall guy wearing a standard length tie (or average guy wearing a short tie)

      The tie was not made well

      I dont see how changing the knot will fix your situation. Only the amount of tie showing below the knot will fix it.



        I take that back. If the tie is too short, using a small knot would give you more length.

        Perhaps a 4 in hand?

        EDIT: And then I take it back. More length wouldn't be the problem. I stand by the original assessment.



          It's a slim tie shouldn't the 4 in hand be pretty much the only option?



            I can't see the tie from my phone. I'm just writing based on the initial description of the problem.

            Try the 4 in hand but make the second loop a little low if possible. Exactly how much contrast is sticking out?



              I would think that the variegated part was supposed to be below the knot...? From their description: "Alternating detail stripe breaks up the thin stripes below the knot."

              I think they're saying that those stripes should hit a little below the knot, which it what it sounds like you're getting.



                The tie is the right length once it's tied (tie just kissing the belt line). I'm 5'7" so not tall by any means. The reason I'm asking is that I could've sworn I saw a picture with that tie where the different pattern was at the knot but the Clad site is down now. There's also a similar variegated pattern on the slim part of the tie as well. The contrast ended up about an inch or two below the knot.



                  Actually, looks like I was mistaken! I could've sworn I saw what I was describing somewhere. Anyway, I found this cached page with the tie being worn, at least I'm pretty sure it's the same tie.


                  It's definitely not what I was expecting and will most likely end up selling it.



                    nicky knot is my go-to skinny tie knot.




                      Mugen Power: Yeah, it looks like that thick stripe will always be about mid-torso. What your describing is a cool thought - a pattern for the knot that's different from the length of the tie.

                      kinek: Ever since I read that Primer post, I've used the nicky knot and never looked back. And (k)not just because of my name! It gives you the width at the top without the bulk. My only issue is that the edges of the tie as it drapes down flatten out quicker on the left or right side, and I can't seem to control that.

                      The knot itself is supremely symmetrical. Which is why I also like the full Windsor.



                        I use the Pratt knot (which, from what I'm seeing, is only marginally different from the nicky knot?) for my slim ties. Like you guys, it gets me the width without bulk.



                          The nicky knot seems very similar to a half Windsor, am I wrong?



                            @Ounce I find that the nicky is less bulky than the half windsor.



                              You tie a Nicky upside down. Very similar though, but I find it to be like an upside down triangle when you're done. Sometimes there's so little bulk, the top margin can collapse. I just adjust before I'm done, and it's good to go.