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    @Kittiwake30 - LOL! Proud owner of a Toyota Sienna here..actually, it's wife's car but I drive the kids around in it too on the weekends. I got over the stigma of driving around in a mini van a while a while ago. Not that my car is much better...Honda Accord Sedan that I drive less than a mile each way to the train station during the week.



      So I have no idea what it is that you all think I drive, but here it is:

      2004 Ford F-150 - extended cab, two-tone silver/grey, with toolbox and bull bar (installed both, myself)



        Nice! I'm in my work Jeep every day.

        Somehow, I had pictured a sleek Infiniti, but an F-150 seems to fit the bill too.



          Yeah, I guess it's hard to read what I might drive from my posts, but I do live in Texas so that should be a clue. ;-) When I bought this thing, I had a massive arcade machine collection so I needed something built for hauling. I'm now down to just one arcade machine, and it's a cocktail style so it's small. It still comes in handy when I need to haul branches or something, though.

          My wife just turned 35 and she's still driving the same red Jeep Cherokee she's been driving since high school. That thing just keeps going, and she loves it. When it does finally die, I think she'll want another SUV.



            I like colour in my ride, just like I like it in my wardrobe. I drive a 2008 ford escape with the sport package (sunroof and stuff), and it is ORANGE with a light grey/creamish trim! I need to haul cases of wine all over the place so I needed an SUV.

            When I need a more professional ride while dealing with clients or when people from the wineries we represent are in town, I drive my dads company car, which is a 2012 GMC Terrain. I like it cause it has XM radio and USB ports for my phone, so I can charge it and listen to my music off it. It also has voice recognition and I can call people entirely hands free. However, it has a small 4 cylinder engine, and the pickup sucks on it. My Escape has a V6 and has some serious power to it. Love driving it up north to go camping and stuff.



              My ride most days:



                How did I never see this!? Very good guesses.

                For now, until more clues arise, I'll put myself in appropriate cars:



                  wow your platforms look even shittier than ours here in Toronto :P




                    I don't post too often so I'll just give you a freebie. This is what I drive, an '04 Crossfire (except mine's in black).

                    Early 20's college student. I figured I'd have my mid-life crisis BEFORE having kids.



                      2012 c63 amg. Had to do it it. had an sti before but this is amazing!!!



                        I should buy a car instead of spending all my money on clothes.



                          Maybe I'm cheap. My truck has been paid off for years and I'm going to drive it until it falls apart. And despite that, I still probably spend less on clothes than a lot (if not most) of the people in here.



                            Here's a link to mine.




                              LOL what a funny thread, def missed this one 3 weeks ago...I certainly didnt think Alan drove a truck, but the texas thing makes sense. I really figured you were pushing a 5 series or something...But you were close on me, i am married though (one yr celebrated on valentines day), i do drive a full size sedan, 2008 Honda Accord, navy Blue, paid off and will drive it til its a rust bucket lol...Will take a pic later of it. I mainly take the commuter rail nowadays becasue i work downtown so i drive rarely. Its cool to see what you guys drive. Based on our style choices and enlightenment that clothes and style need not be expensive i guess some of these make perfect sense....

                              "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                                @MaxMan: Whoops! Thought you were single. But I wasn't SO far off on the car - Japanese middle tier sedan. I'm flattered that you thought I drove a BMW, though. :-) Nick figured I was in an Infiniti. So I really don't how I'm giving off that vibe, but I certainly don't mind!