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    lol I had my rental car towed last week!! But you were spot on - my work vehicle is a Jeep Cherokee, and our family car is a Ford Explorer. =D

    Too funny, I'm grinning ear to ear.


      #17 previous vehicle was a 97 wrangler on 33's, and never any top.

      Now, it's a slightly lowered 2007, blacked-out vw GTI w/ stage-2 turbo and way too much stereo system.

      Also, I'm an architect, not a contractor. I draw pretty pictures, mostly.



        I would Imagine Jason going around thrifting different car auctions and finding some crazy ass deals.



          I thought your were a contractor. That changes everything. :-P You're not hauling people or materials. I want a do-over!



            Lol this made me laugh.

            I drive a 2009 Acura tl type S. wife drives 2012 Hyundai sonata limited.

            And my second wife IS a 1968 formula 400 Pontiac firebird. With tach on the hood. Had it since I was 10.



              Alan apparently thinks that I'm not fit to drive.




                Nice! Good to know I'm not the only classic car guy on here ('68 Mustang Fastback myself).



                  @bruschetta: Like I said, I just haven't garnered enough context clues from some people. :-)

                  @Tat: Hadn't really considered people owning multiple cars. That throws off the whole analysis. :-P But at least I pegged you for a Japanese midsize luxury car with guts. I really wasn't that far off. :-)



                    No, that's a good guess Alan. I actually looked at the g37s when they first came out, but I was also not married with a kid on the way.



                      @ Tat, I was in the same boat with the G37 Coupe prior to having our son but I have to say the G37 Sedan is pretty sweet.





                          LOL frost. Should have known you drove a black car. ;-)



                            Who would have thought?



                              Hilarious post. As for the car being an extension of style, I recall auto designer J Mays saying, "If you want to know who a man is, visit his home. If you want to know who he wants to be, look at his car."

                              I drive a badly rusted nine-year-old Subaru Forrester. What this says about me, mostly, is that my next vehicle will be a Mini-Van for ferrying toddlers around and I'm not too eager to get the keys to that.




                                Haha I'm going to have to remember that quote. Thanks for sharing.