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Kiton-like Blazers for less

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    That's really too bad. It has a LOT of promise, but that's even shorter than is stylish right now.



      I've been waitlisted for that Frank & Oak blazer for a while, I doubt it's coming back in stock. It looks silly on the model, but since he's probably five inches taller than me it would fit me great



        Maybe their model on the product page is just really tall to be 'stylish'. I think the length looks okay on that review that someone posted earlier? :



          You'd have to see him standing up, not walking down an incline



            @Vespa: The jacket I linked above seems to be a different style, not just a different color.



              Some of those blazers VespaMatt posted from Yoox are downright gorgeous. I absolutely love the patterns.

              My only issues are:

              1) The button stance on all of them seems too high. Not offensively high, but more than I would like. What does Dappered threads think?

              2) I can't do 3-button jackets, I'm strictly a 2 or 1 button only guy. A three-roll-two could work, of course.

              3) They all seem to be lightweight jackets. Given the price point, clearly the heaviness & richness of the fabric will not match up anywhere close to Kiton. That's fine - but I don't want to feel like I'm wearing a windbreaker either.

              Anybody try any of those jackets? I'd love to see personal reviews/ or feedback.



                For some reason Yoox always buttons all 3 buttons on a 3 button jacket. It's pretty silly. They'd do much better showing if the jacket is a 3-roll-2.



                  @JC I've never actually ordered from Yoox, but if there is one thing I've gathered from reading PutThisOn posts about the site is that their photography and stylists are down right horrible at making the stuff they sell actually look good. PutThisOn picks out deals sometimes where stuff that is good is on sale because it looks horrible on the models they have up.