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    If you have the cajones for a Kiton pattern, the BR would be just as wearable. I noticed the one in-store had a bit of fraying on the edge of the lapel, but like Alan is saying, it's a memorable pattern that you would wear occasionally. In which case, the long term endurance isn't such a big deal. I would have liked to see a 36R since the 38R was a touch roomy in the shoulders. I know Joe says size down since it's the Tailored Fit line, but I'm pretty skinny.

    Still, there was a guy taller and thinner than I am at H&M today who wasn't fitting into anything there! Feel for him. Yeesh.



      @Jason authentic Kiton pieces very rarely sell on eBay for less than $500, and the ones that do are generally off-sizes (ie 43R) or aren't exactly "gently" used

      There are lots of similar options, as mentioned Joseph Abboud being one. His sizing isn't as fitted as most would prefer so factor in the likely cost of tailoring.

      Of course, none of these jackets will be on par with the workmanship of Kiton - but the patterns and texture of the fabric will be close



        "very rarely" means it does happen. Also, sometimes it's cheaper to get things before they get to eBay, but you've got to work at it and make connections.



          That Banana pattern is definitely close but i have 2-3 navy blazers as is that get a lot of rotation. Appreciate the considerations though. Still hoping to find something more unique and bold. Been scouring ebay/styleforum a lot. Being a 36/37R doesnt make things any easier.

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            If someone's around a 40R this Corneliani might work:




              I'm debating how funky an 18.75" shoulder width would look on me. My best fitting jacket is 18" so I think that extra 3/4" could be significant.



                I didn't have the best of luck my first time around with IndoChino, and I'm not sure how long these have been available, but have you seen their Destination blazers? They've got 3 with some decent patterns. The season 5 premier of Mad Men made me think of this thread.




                  I really like that Indochino.



                    Here are a bunch of plaid jackets I found on Yoox for $315 and under:










                    May give you an idea of brands to search for on eBay as well.

                    #5 is my favorite of the bunch



                      I don't know any of those brands, but I really love that Tagliatore



                        I really like the Hotel one. Not gonna drop that much bank on an "unknown" though.



                          They may be good brands, I just don't know them. I mostly know more established brands that sell well on eBay and show up in thrifts



                            Frank & Oak jacket here (for anyone whose already a member):


                            It's currently waitlisted. I like the red one, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try.

                            EDIT: Nevermind. I just saw it on a model. It's SUPER cropped.



                              Yeah the frank and oak stuff has a little too much hipster engrained in it.



                                It looked good in that style pro review, I think at my height the blazer would work and not be too cropped - alas, despite being 'wait listed', signing up for Hunt Club, trying to make it to the website as soon as they send an e-mail blast or post on Facebook, I have yet to make it to the site in time to get my size.