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Leather Chukkas instead of Suede?

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  • Leather Chukkas instead of Suede?

    Where do leather, non-suede chukkas fit in a wardrobe? I'm only really familiar with chukkas as desert boots or light suede, how about a chukka style (ankle-height with two eyeholes) but in regular brown leather? It seems like a weird in-between spot between suede and dress boot, does this have a place?

    I already have suede shoes and I'd like a casual boot, I like the look of these but I'm not sure I've seen dark brown leather chukkas before... thoughts?

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    I have a pair very similar to the one you linked. It fits for me by being a boot, but not a big workboot or dressy wingtip. From the waist down it's really just a plain toed blucher, which makes it a blank slate for anything from suits to jeans.

    I think that polished leather is a tad "safer" than suede for most guys. A bit less loud, works year round, and in a not-too-dark shade of brown it works with so much.


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      I have a pair of darkish brown more casual leather chukkas which I wear as kind of a go-to casual shoe, especially in fall/winter. I wanted leather instead of suede so I wouldn't have to worry about weather as much, and I've worn them through pouring rain, ice, deep snow, slush, and salt and they still look really good after a year and a half despite being Aldos. I also keep shoe trees in them all the time and clean and condition them when needed like I do for all my shoes, but still they're holding up pretty well. You could go with a dressier one, but personally to me, chukkas work better as a little more casual shoe. This is them obviously when they were pretty dirty but it's the best overall pic of them I have.


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        I recently got a pair of leather Chukkas and I wear them quite a bit. They work great with indigo jeans or even white if you have a matching color belt. I still want a suede style chukka late on, but I'm extremely happy with this purchase. I wear them at least twice a week I feel like.


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          Everyone should own Clark's og desert boots in beeswax.


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            Here are mine.