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    International re-shipping

    After a post-Christmas frenzy, my clothes budget and wife both require that I pause for a while, but thought I should use this as preparation time!

    Although US retailers are rapidly coming on-line with international freight-forwarding arrangements, there are still some stubborn hold-outs who frustrate me with domestic shipping only.

    Cladmen (may it rest in peace) was one such - my purchaseing was delayed for a couple of days while I sorted out a re-shipping arrangement, resulting in me missing a couple of pairs of 7's jeans that would have been sweet. In the end the company I shipped through charged $124 (!!!) for the international freight re-shipping to Australia - fortunately I bought enough at really good prices to make this tolerable, although far too much for my liking.

    Not sure how many long distance internationals are on here, but for those that are - have you found a re-shipper that is fast and reliable, and doesn't break the bank when you buy, or do you just purchase from those who have their own freight-forwarding arrangements, and hope that others become international-friendly before their next big sale?

    I'm doing my best to save the US economy, and am sad that my efforts are somewhat frustrated!


    Bump - Surely I can't be the only long distance reader buying clothes from the US?



      Yo Rob, I feel your pain bro. I ship down to NZ so we are pretty much in the same boat. I personally haven't tried any re-shippers yet. My brother did though trying to get some sports equipment from the US and had a couple of bad experiences so I'd rather not take the risk. I just use retailers that offer their own international shipping option. The rates vary by retailer quite a bit but with the dollar being so high it still works out way cheaper than anything that you'd find in a local store.

      The downside to this is that does limit the pool somewhat (relative to what's available to you lucky US readers). However, that limited pool is still heads and shoulders above anything on offer here in NZ. It would seem that the mantra here is that you can choose any colour of whatever you like, just as long as it's black. /facepalm

      If you do stumble across a good freight-forwarder though I'd be interested to hear about your experiences with them!

      -- G



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