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    I like the red sole on the white Florsheim Kearny. I would buy a pair if they were available in 6.5.



      Is gray the best color for going sockless w/shorts in the summer? I am also leaning towards a pair.

      I liked a pair of navy bass brocktons with a white contrast sole I saw at DSW recently. Any experiences with them?



        I don't know if grey is the "best" color but IMO it's the most versatile. Goes with jeans, khakis, and even shorts (if that's your thing). Light brown or khaki-colored bucks will blend in too much with many people's skin tones, and white not only gets dirty easily, but will look out of place if you try to wear it in fall or winter months. Navy is another versatile color, but a light grey strikes me as capturing the light-hearted (and -colored) spirit of the classic white suede buck, without the pitfalls.

        @LosRockets - I haven't treated my Brennans. I've had them for about a year and they are still in great shape. The suede has a few scuffs and scratches but IMO they just add a little personality, and aren't that noticeable anyway. I think the Brennans are actually nubuck and not suede, so there isn't a ton of nap, and therefore you don't have to do much brushing to maintain the nap - just normal spot-cleaning if they get dirty.




          I like the dirty buck a lot, but if I was only going to have one, I'd probably go grey.



            @LosRockets — where are you getting those Walk-Overs for $99???



              @wheateater -



                I am also looking for a grey oxford version (light grey no wingtips). There was a perfect walk-over but that's 250. I'm looking for under 100. I liked the bostonians but can't find and the bass, but bass sole matches the suede and I don't like that.




                  If you're willing to shop from a site I've never heard of before, has the walkover plain grey suede bucks for $125 w/ free shipping. Returns not free.




                    I'd recommend staying away from that site. Virtually no reviews

                    Out of the 2 that are posted there, one has a negative rating.



                      couple sizes left.


                      My cocktail videos >




                        What about these ? These are nubuck instead of suede, but hey, under $100, available in multiple colors and every size available.

                        By the way, code Next20 gets you 20% off.



                          @Jessy - Those are nice! Too bad they don't have my size in the Gray.



                            @Juan Apparently the size 7 fits me, so I might get a pair. I'm very tempted.

                            I think I should stop helping people with shoes, it's bad for my finances.



                              I just picked these Bass Buckingham's in black. I think they had grey as well. Cheap kicks for chinos and jeans.




                                Are Hush Puppies decent? Its a brand you see all the time but I have zero experience with them.

                       cmCat=search&searchType=SEARCH&parentId=&icid=&rte =%252Fsearch.jhtml%253FN%253D0%2526Ntt%253Dhush%25 2Bpuppy%2526_requestid%253D14487#mycart

                                $53.40 with the current LastCall sale.