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    Suede bucks

    So I've decided on getting suede bucks for a pair of casual, walking-around shoes for this Spring (in addition to a new pair of boat shoes). I wanted to get a pair in light-grey ideally but the Bostonian Eastbend sz 9.5 for around 40 ran out on Amazon a month ago and I'm trying to find something in a size 10 (have to size down for Eastbends) and ideally light grey but a sand color works as well, for under $100. Because I have a pair of wingtip Sebago boots, I would like plain-toe bucks.

    There are a lot of choices but not a lot of reviews so I was hoping for some suggestions/help.

    I've found the following on Amazon. Do you have experience w/ any of these?

    Sebago Salem:

    Hush Puppies Retrospect: (I realize I missed these at Clad...)

    Eastbend in Tobacco or Suede:

    Florsheim Kearny:

    Or I could just give in and get the MacNeils for 130 :P


    Get the MacNeils! They're a cut above any of those shoes, though thats not meant in disrespect to those above. I'm a fan of the Kearny's, if the MacNeils are outside the price range.



      MacNeils for $130 is tough to pass up. I've had great luck with my Johnston & Murphy Brennan wingtips. Super comfortable. They can be had for less than $80 if you're patient.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        Are the MacNeils too formal to wear with dark wash jeans and a shirt? Fitted chinos and a polo?



          Absolutely not. The contrast soles and rough look of them make them a more casual shoe.



            FWIW I really like my Johnston & Murphy suede Brennan wingtips, purchased about a year ago (when they were featured on Dappered). I've been wearing mine in winter, as well, as long as it's not wet out. Very versatile shoe.




              If walk-over shows up again on gilt, there's your shoe.



                Those walk-overs do look nice. Wish I remembered my gilt account info. Sent an inquiry on the MacNeil's. The Brennann also look nice, especially in that light gray color. Tough choices! I can get the Kearny in a suede color or possibly the MacNeil's for twice as much. The Kearny looks a bit more boxy than the Brennan though, or is that just me?



                  I have those grey Brennans too...the toe is a tad bit boxy/squared off, but not unbearable. Definitely a good, comfortable shoe for the money. Not as awesome sockless as the walk-overs are, though maybe not worth the price increase for just that. Be warned: out of the box, walkovers look very bubble-toed. Bubble tones down after a wearing or two.



                    I have the Sebagos. No complaints...they are nice, but not too flashy. Definitely a good pair of shoes to wear with jeans.

                    I threw on a pair of red shoelaces and they ended up looking like a pair of Cole Haans that I had my eye on...for about half the price.



                      The Bostonian Eastbend bucks were recommended on Primer so I considered it, but I came across this comment on Zappos:

                      "Really flimsy uppers and shallow heel led me to conclude that this is a low value shoe. Would not recommend"

                      They carry these shoes at Clark's shoe stores and I was able to try one on and my opinion matches the same as the comment. I'd look elsewhere for suede bucks if you're paying anything close to $80 for those shoes.



                        Trying to be my own voice of reason I stopped short of getting the MacNeils despite the great deal on them. I don't see too many opportunities to wear nice, leather-soled shoes in medical school... I'll either be cutting into a cadaver and reek of embalming fluid and not want my shoes near that or be seeing patients and might need something more formal than the MacNeils there because these are the "rough" style. Also, longwings look a little bit weird to me for some reason.

                        I almost pulled the trigger on the Gray Walk-Over wingtips today on Gilt but the lug sole was a deal-breaker. I would really prefer a pair of simple gray suede bucks over sand but my options are limited. I may just break down and get the Brennan wingtips because they seem more available. How long have you guys had them? Did you treat them w/ anything when you got them?



                          @LosRockets - the rough leathered macneils will be great if you decide to go primary care in rural areas! I have the brennans, I treated them with suede protector and they have held up well so far.



                            What are y'alls thoughts on these Walk-Overs? Will I be restricting what I can wear them with because of the contrast heel?

                            I can get them for $99 or buy Gray Bostonian Eastbends for $45 on Amazon (both w/ shipping).



                              I think the contrast heel and trim will be limiting.