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The hunt for a casual navy blazer for the summer

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    Hmm... I think for most regular jackets I usually need about 1-1.5" taken off. Probably too much w/ most functioning button cuffs right?



      Yeah...pushing it. Usually the buttons are about an inch from the end of the sleeve. Could always try seeing how it fits.



        This might not be too helpful, but I was browsing jcrew during the last 30% off sale early in the morning one day and I managed to snag a $100 twill sportcoat for 70 dollars on final sale. As soon as I bought it, it looked like they disappeared from the sale section so I guess I got the last one.

        I just received it today and tried it on quickly before work, but I'm extremely happy with it so far. It fit very well and was very comfortable as well. I also recently purchased the thompson suit jacket and I'm going to have to send that back as the ludlow twill is superior.

        If anyone's looking to snag a jcrew blazer/sportcoat at their cheapest I'd recommend waiting for another 30% sale then checking back each morning to see if they add more stock. The rest is just luck I guess.

        PS - When I got this one, I noticed another lightly striped gray blazer in 38r. Since it wasn't sized s/m/l/xl, I think it must have been one of the pricier 200-300 dollar jackets, although it was priced at $100 for the sale. So there are definitely some gems to be had each morning of these 30% sales even if you miss the first morning.



          I'll let you guys know how the DKNY one works for me. Just got the confirmation that it's shipped. It's back up to $200 but Macy's has a 20% off promotion currently, so you can drop the price back down to $160 if you're in the market. I also ordered the gray GAP blazer recommended the other day on the main page. I've got a lot of formal events this summer (I'm in two weddings, so rehearsal dinners, family gatherings, and whatnot are all upcoming) and wanted a nice blazer or two for those events.

          Of course, my money should really be saved for those events themselves (one wedding in is New Hampshire on a race weekend, so hotel rates are jacked up immensely), but I'm almost done rebuilding my wardrobe, so why stop now? I guess that's what Ebay and return receipts are for. I wish the thrift stores in my area were a little better, but the few times I've gone, I've come up empty handed.



            So I went for a very quick trip through the Galleria Mall outside Buffalo (my friends session with the military recruiters took much longer than expected) and managed to find something. The INC navy blazer was kinda meh. It looked a little too flimsy and just not sharp enough. They did however have a charcoal striped casual blazer that fit quite well but I resisted the urge to buy it. Checked BR and JCrew, and then randomly saw they had a JAB as I was walking out from my 45 min speed shopping trip. Decided what the hell ill check it out. They had 1 100% cotton navy suit left, and because it was the last one, it was priced down to $80. Magically it was a 40R. Fit very nicely, and the price was ridiculous for a full suit, so I snagged it. I might post some WIWT with it when I use it. GREAT SUCCESS!



              Another Canadian looking for a cheap cotton/linen solid navy and/or khaki blazer. I'm a 34S to 36S, so it's a bit harder to find.

              I saw a cotton blazer at my local Sears in Canada.

              But there's two catches :

              1- Only available in regular length. Tried the 36, sleeves were too long, but overall length was okay.

              2- You can't see it in the picture, but there is two lapel holes, one on top of each other. Here's an example : http://mensstylepro.files.wordpress....5/sam_2078.jpg

              It's was a bit busy for my taste.

              Maybe I'll still buy on sale if I can't find anything else.



                @Jessy - Beware the 100% polyester lining ... won't breathe well on a warm day.



                  The J Crew one I posted earlier fits very well, but I would wait til you can get a discount on the sale price. It would end up being cheaper than that sears one, and it will definitely be better.



                    @ColoradoGuy : You're probably right. What kind of lining should I be looking for then?

                    @Focuspant : The smallest size for Factory sportcoats is usually 38 (I need a 34 or 36), not an option. Some regular J.Crew sportcoats are available in X-Small, but they're a bit expensive. Currently waiting for this one to go on sale :

                    Not navy, but khaki is a valid option for me.



                      @Jessy -- That's an excellent question, one I have been trying to answer definitively myself. In the case of a summer blazer, I would actually look for something that's only half-lined, or even not lined at all. Of course, that will likely lead you to a more casual-looking blazer, and I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for.

                      The most important thing is to try to avoid completely synthetic linings (like polyester) whenever possible. My two cents.



                        @ColoradoGuy I'll be wearing it with light/colored chinos, so a casual-looking blazer is not a problem. I just have to find one.



                          I could imgagine your struggles with this. Im a 40R which is probably the most popular size and I couldnt find one that worked. I went through most of the popular retailers, and left empty handed. If youre that thin, you could maybe check H&M. They usually have a ton of 34s and 36s. 40 almost seems to be a big size there.

                          Also where abouts do you live? I could maybe suggest a couple places to check out if youre in the Toronto area.



                            Focuspants : I'm in Trois-Rivières, QC. I'll probably go to Montreal when I'll have the time, but right now, I'm confined to online shopping.



                              Ya, sorry I havent been to Montreal enough to give suggestions for where to look, but, from being there and walking around, it seems like you guys have a lot more small businesses with some interesting styles down the main street area (St. Catherine street if I remember correctly(?)). Would maybe be worthwhile to just walk around and see what you can find!



                                FWIW, I purchased the Merona Kensington blazer one day and returned it the next. Yes, it's surprisingly slim off the rack and yes, you can't really beat it on price. But after wearing it at home I realized:

                                1. Overall it looks a little cheap. It's entirely unstructured and attracts dust like none other.

                                2. It's really casual, borderline "too" casual. You could get away with wearing it in a "smart casual" ensemble to a bar or bbq, but it definitely is not office appropriate.

                                My advice would be save the $45 and apply it towards a more expensive blazer of better quality that you'd feel comfortable wearing to work or out at night.