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Allen Edmonds Chocolate Suede Fifth Avenue Shoes $99!!!

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    Allen Edmonds Chocolate Suede Fifth Avenue Shoes $99!!!

    Hey Guys, just thought I'd pass this along. I'm not sure if it's local or not but my nearby Nordstrom Rack is having it's "clearance sales" and the Fifth Avenue Allen Edmonds are now 99 dollars here. Sizes are limited to whatever is in store of course, but if you guys have a local nordstrom rack nearby might be worth it to check out. It is a very beautiful and versatile shoe.


    Thanks for the tip, I will be checking my local NR tonight. Did they have any smooth leather ones on sale?



      I didn't find any except the chocolate suede ones. I think because Nordstrom rack has out dated models from whatever was left over a few years ago. After all, they stopped making the fifth avenue in suede standard. Which is probably why they had some of them on hand at the nordstrom rack here.

      As always with any "rack" type of store, no guarantees with what they might have on hand. I don't even know if nordstrom rack does their clearance sales all at the same time. So call first! I would feel bad if I made you guys waste your gas!



        Someone want to proxy? Size 10E in the 5 last



          Same as JC's request, if anyone finds a 9.5E



            Jason, what is your normal shoe size? I'm ok in the Strand when I go half a size down in the 5 last, but the McTavish still slides off my heel.



              Frost - the rough collection is a little wider than the classic collection even tho they are the same last strange enough. I Size down to 9E in the strand and kenilworth. But a 9.5D fit me just fine in the rough collection 5 last.



                I wear a 10.5D in the 7 last (and most shoes) and 10E in the 5 last... At least in the Cambridges I've got



                  Acoustic - I think you said before what you do, but do you work for a shoe store? You have an encyclopedic knowledge about these things.



                    Hitting NR after work tomorrow to scope out this lead (what am I? A detective?) so get your requests in. I'll gladly proxy if the Union Square NR has any stock.



                      NR shoe stock varies wildly - it's a mixture of past-season items, things that were worn, returned to Nordstrom, and refurbished, and so on. I've seen a few different styles of Allen Edmonds come and go in my size, but they're a pretty infrequent sight. I wouldn't get my hopes up too high.




                        @BenR - Yes, I hope people who are following up on my original post realize that inventory is never a guarantee! Since different NR can have different inventories of things. If even one person can find a pair in their size It'll be awesome at such a sweet price, but if you guys can't manage to track one down at your local NR...don't kill me!

                        @nicholas - Nah, I'm in primary care. Just picked up random knowledge here and there.



                          Found a pair yesterday but they weren't my size, and one of the uppers had some markings/discoloration so I didn't grab it. I noticed they had the "shoe" mark on the sole which I believe means they're seconds. Nice shoes though. My no-purchase March remains intact!



                            Just to echo the above comments. I have found a couple of good condition AE's for $100 at the local Nordstrom Rack.

                            They fall into two categories:

                            Discontinued models (Walnut leather Player's Wingtip):

                            And the new markdowns include "Worn and Reconditioned" shoes.

                            Clifton's in Walnut

                            Some threads on the sole are not right:

                            And there are a few scuffs on the uppers

                            But overall, I'd say these would be very good condition Ebay shoes you can try on and take home for $100:

                            <img />

                            Not sure I'm going to keep both.

                            BTW, the Rack on State Street in Chicago has 1 pack Wurkin' Stiffs back in at $14.95.



                              @redbeard The players and clifton in walnut for 100 dollars is a great deal!