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    Originally posted by Pepetito View Post
    I absolutely love Spier and Mackay's OCBDs. They need to re-stock those puppies.
    I got one MTM that is fantastic! I really wish they would offer longer sleeve lengths in their RTW offerings.
    Originally posted by Manceptional View Post
    S&M OCBD was going to be next purchase, but now I have to wait for someone to post a microscope pic!
    The MTM options at S&M for OCBDs are very limited right now. (or at least they were the last time I looked) I ended up stocking up on BB OCBDs recently with their sale. I also signed up for a Amex statement credit that brought 4 shirts to about $45 each. The price and the made in the usa factor convinced me ☺.

    I am wearing a yellow one today. I wonder if it looks similar to the others from BB. It wouldn't surprise me considering the awesome pale yellow color it has.


      Can I ask that one of you snazzy dressers would please be kind enough to refer me to the specific model that you would call the quintessential Spier and Mackay's fitted OCBD? I need to peruse their sites, methinks.

      Ditto with the Kamakura.

      I can never figure out what descriptive word things on clothing shopping sites mean, and it's frusterating. Like words for cloth weights, or clever city names for fits. i stink. Give me a measurement in millimeters any day for fits, or in grams for cloth weight, and i'd be a much happier man.

      A direct link to either of their sites would be perfect.


        I skimmed this thread out of curiosity..and will revisit when I have some more time out of more curiosity. I have been hunting for an affordable shirt with good collar roll. I think the OCBD fits into my work environment best and I am one of those guys htat likes to wear a tie with roll is good for me.


          I own this one and love it.


            [MENTION=12001]evanparker[/MENTION] This is pretty cool. Thank you for sharing these pictures.


              Originally posted by Pepetito View Post
              Spier+Mackay sure know their audience! They've got some SERIOUS shirt collar-roll porn on their site.


                Here are the LL bean shirts.

                first is the "hair" shirt,

                second is the "pinpoint" oxford. you can really see how it's down-sized oxford thread in the closeup. it's neat how it's sort of the same, just scaled differently.

                Then a late 1990's BB OCBD in a sort of seafoam color

                A lands end OCBD shirt in PURPLE.



                  a Ralph Lauren RUGBY OCBD i have, which is actually awesome. The cloth looks great! the shirt is very soft and nice. It's too bad they don't make it anymore.

                  this is a 346 non-iron I have. broad cloth, regular sort of modern dress shirt.

                  this is a closeup of a lands end repp tie. the silk fabric is awesome.

                  and a plaid made in china modern brooks brothers plaid shirt.



                    a harris tweed blazer I have

                    my cheesy beater invicta rolexy sorta watch


                      Spier & Mackay will be rolling out multiple RTW sleeve length options this fall if all goes as planned. Harris Tweed looks about as great as i'd expect it to. I really wish I had a microscope to take a closer look at a few amazing Italian wool/cashmere trousers and sweaters I have. Could always go into the path lab at our hospital but those are used for biopsy samples :X


                        Originally posted by evanparker View Post
                        Spier+Mackay sure know their audience! They've got some SERIOUS shirt collar-roll porn on their site.
                        I've got this one.

                        Supposedly, S&M copied the Kamakura button down collar exactly.
                        I have a button down from both companies and can confirm.


                          S&M and Kamakura are my faves. I have a BB and a vintage LE Hyde Park, and they're both pretty great too. This is an interesting thread, definitely a departure from the usual...


                            HAH! i made the front page. that's not bad. thanks everybody, and the front page gods.


                              I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this thread, and I have no idea why.

                              Magnified sweater fabrics would help identify the most itchy.

                              I think you have a Tumblr page on your hands, here.


                                I was directed here from the front page. Super fascinating and I would love to see some other brands.