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going on a weekend daytime date, help with outfit ideas!

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    Guys (and gals), he's not doing a bar crawl ON the bike. You rent the bike during the day, and then hit the bars afterwards. Or at least, that's how I interpreted it?


      I second the idea of shorts, but maybe that's just because it's even crazy hot/humid here in NC the past couple weeks. But for biking followed by bar crawl, I don't think you need to step it up in formality. You might consider just adding an interesting detail, like some oxford shorts in an interesting color or a bright NATO strap.


        Hey buddy. I think the first thing to focus on rather than the style aspect, is how productive the outfit will be. For example, looking at how the weather is there. If it will be a Hot day, think Chinos or smart shorts. Cold - sweater and jeans but depending on how smart youre thinking, a pair of brown suedes or loafers or espadrills if it's warm. There's a lot to choose, but at our age (I'm 21 so I only had a recent revelation to this) I've started dressing more like an adult and someone to be respected so shirts and smart shorts would be nice or dark jeans with some smart casual shoes in Brown and maybe a white shirt with a little colour underneath to spice the outfit up a little. Those are a few staples to invest in as they wont go out of fashion and are all in neutral colours so you literally can't go wrong.

        Hope I was helpful