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Benetton/Sisley Anyone?

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  • The Chang

    I am a big fan of United Colors of Benetton. Unfortunately, they closed 2 stores recently in NYC in the last year and now only have 1 store in Manhattan. Their clothes are a bit expensive and I've only picked stuff up usually when they are 40 to 50% off. But their clothes fit me to a tee. It borders upon being tailor made for me with their sizing.

    However, I don't own that many items from them as my wardrobe is pretty diverse. I have 2 blazers, a sweater, a button down shirt and a grey wool peacoat from them. The wool peacoat is by far the article of clothing that I get the most compliments on of all the clothes that I own.

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  • Glock13
    started a topic Benetton/Sisley Anyone?

    Benetton/Sisley Anyone?

    Since they have very few stores in the U.S., I realize it is harder to get your hands on their clothes. However, every time I do find a store, I end up purchasing something. Their shirts fit like a glove...usually don't even have a need for tailoring. I just picked up a jacket from them in Las Vegas yesterday...a little expensive at $170, but man....the look, the fit and the style are on point! Anybody else shop here?