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Allen Edmonds rough brown MacNeil on sale for $130!

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    Allen Edmonds rough brown MacNeil on sale for $130!

    Hey guys, I just spoke with Edward at the Freeport, Maine store and picked up a pair of limited run rough brown MacNeils for $129. Edward said that they have a limited supply of them available at that price, and that the best way to find out if they're in stock in your size is to contact him at [email protected].

    Here is a photo that Acousticfoodie took of his pair:

    PS: The MacNeils are my first pair of brown shoes.


    I like the contrast in the soles. I'd love to have a pair, but the timing is bad. I went a little overboard on the wife's b-day gift, and I'm still (literally) paying for it.



      And here I am thinking I could pull off a no-purchase March...Are they seconds? I'm assuming so because I think outlets only sell seconds, but I could be wrong.



        Those look really fun.

        bruschetta - Didn't you have a pair of brown loafers or something? I'd like to get some Neumoks in a quirky color at some point. Maybe a pair of grey Desert Clarks. I only have one pair of interesting shoes and keep wearing them way too often.

        I feel like the MacNeils are the perfect take on a wingtip in that color and the contrasting soles, like Alan said.

        Alan - You mean that one time you bought everything in the store for her? =P



          LOL that picture I took of the macneils has become like the standard pic shown around forums now. Weird! But yes, they are definitely a nice shoe if you need a casual shoe to your collection



            nicholascrawford, I have a pair of dark burgundy loafers, but I frankly dislike them.

            Acoustic, it's a good picture!



              Really wanted a pair of these, but alas, there were no size 13's remaining.



                Sounds like a good deal. How do these run? TTS? I wear 7.5 in florsheims for a reference.

                Also, does anyone have additional pics of these? I checked on their website but couldn't find the mentioned color (

                If you have some free time, it'd be really helpful if you could snap a few more pics of the shoes acousticfoodie!



                  Just emailed. Hopefully they have it in 10D. I've been looking for a nice pair of wingtips.



                    FYI smallest size is 8.5D



                      Haha, I just found that out too



                        These are firsts.

                        Trying to see if they will ship to me now.



                          @nicholascrawford: Yup, that's the one. Another lesson learned... It's easier to leave something on the rack than it is to return something that's already hanging in your closet... Even if it's a gift. She wanted to keep more than I anticipated. :-S



                            Pulled the trigger. 129$ shipped. Free shipping and no sales tax in TN since AE has no presence here.

                            Thanks Bruschetta!



                              Alan - consider it a compliment to your taste!

                              Jordan & bruschetta: $129 >> es una ganga! What a deal!