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Stuck with Suiting Seperates?

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    Stuck with Suiting Seperates?

    I was looking to pick up a solid navy suit to replace my current BB 386 outlet beater that I got when I first graduated (serviceable but not really good for the long run). I'd heard lots of good things about the BB Fitzgerald cut and with the upcoming corporate sale at 30% off, It could be had for a somewhat attainble sum. In checking out their site's sizing chart however, I noticed that the waist size for my chest (44L) is a 39 while in reality I'm wearing 34...I would say its not a stretch to assume that a tailor isn't going to be able to make 39 pants into a 34.

    Is the standard drop for most suits only 5-7 inches? If so it looks like I'm going to have to stick with suiting seperates as I'm a solid 10 inches in difference. Anyone with experience in this realm?


    I thought drop 6-8 or 7-9 was the norm, but that's for Regular length suits. I know shorts tend to have a smaller drop. I've never really looked at longs.



      With an 11" drop (42/31), I feel your pain. I have yet to find any RTW suits that are even close, so I've stuck with separates. Granted, I don't often wear, shop for, or purchase a suit so my search has certainly not been exhaustive.



        The BB Fitz has a 6 inch drop. However, keep in mind that BB's sizing tends to be truer to size than other retailers. So a 44 suit should come with 38 pants, but those 38 pants will probably be closer to a labeled 36/37 in other brands. The Regent has a 7 inch drop, with the same caveats on pants sizing.

        If you want to stick with BB, they also have a "Suiting Essentials" program where you can do a MTM thing (in Regent fit, supposedly) for 2 suits for $899 (on which you should be able to apply the corp discount, though they sometimes take this away the everyday pricing during bigger sales). You get to pick the fabric out of a swatch book of about 30 or so, and they get them to you in about 6 weeks. The fabric is one of those 98% wool/2% spandex blends.



          Also, to answer your question, yes, standard suit drops are in the 5-7 range.



            "I thought drop 6-8 or 7-9 was the norm, but that's for Regular length suits."

            9 inch drop? I would die. Just die. Size 27 pants for a 36R jacket? I doubt I could even get those all the way up my calves. Even my friend who's a complete toothpick wears 28-29 with his 36S jackets.

            I would love if I could find a slim-fitted suit with a 5 inch drop. That's exactly what I need (36R jacket, 31W trouser). Unfortunately (for me) most suitmakers seem to stick with the mantra that a slim suit jacket requires even SLIMMER trousers to go with it. I would rather get suit separates that fit me correctly than have a pair of suit trousers altered beyond recognition.




              6-7 is the standard, with some less. I've never heard of a 9 inch drop in OTR suits.



                Pick up some Lands End separates. If you're a 44L I'd say go with their trad fit, on sale now for $170.


                Pants on sale for $70.


                I'm suggeting their flannel suiting because it really isn't that thick of a cloth. I have two pairs of pants and they could be much heavier. I assume the jackets are the same.



                  There was a Gladiator line of suits that had an 8 inch drop. That's the most I've ever heard of.