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    Pocket Squres

    I've never had a pocket square and I'm thinking I'll pick a few up. What are a few good ones to start out with? Should i go basic colors or get a couple of patterns? Silk? Cotton?


    Many people in here (myself included) start by picking up a 3-pack of Merona hankies at Target and just using those, They're larger than a typical pocket square and they're cotton, but the 3-pack is only $5, and two of them are blue and white so they go with a ton of stuff. They can be found near the socks and underwear. They make a great segue in actual pocket squares.

    If you like those and find you're comfortable wearing them, Nordstrom Rack has the best pricing on actual silk pocket squares that I've found (though most of them are rather bright). They're $8 each. Be aware, though, that they're a seasonal item. They'll have them through spring and possibly summer, but they could be gone again by the time fall rolls around (according to the guy that works there).

    As for colors, blue and white are safe bets since they should pair easily with stuff you've already got. Beyond that, you should find some that compliment what you're wearing, but they can look like you're trying to hard if they're too matchy matchy (IMO).



      I would say a plain white PS is something to start with. Just to get comfortable wearing one. It can looks good with just about any suit, sports coat or blazer.

      Or go to Target and get the 3 pack of hankies (white and 2 patterns) that I'm sure everyone on this forum owns.

      Personally, I'm a fan of more subtle pocket squares. So solid white squares with a contrast border:

      Or pocket squares with a more subtle pattern to them, like stripes, plaids, etc.

      If you're comfortable you can graduate to the more bold patterns like madras, etc. I think it looks great on some guys, but I just can't pull off bold patterns like that.

      I'm also a fan of some of the more "non-traditional" pocket square materials:

      Like Chambray/Denim:

      Or wool:

      Silk or cotton? Not really sure. Silk cotton squares are probably a bit more formal, in my opinion. They can certainly be worn in less formal, casual settings. The opposite can be true for cotton (or any other material).

      To be honest, I don't really like Silk pocket squares but I'm certain to be in the minority so don't put too much weight into my opinion on silk vs cotton.



        I think solid colored pocket squares are a bit dull, but I do like solid squares with contrasting edges, like this one. That being said, a plain white linen square is hard to screw up. Dot and muted paisley patterns are good too. I'm not sure how material is related to formality, but they do have different textures so you can contrast e.g. a silk square with a wool tie. If you do get some cotton (or even wool ones) pay attention to how thick they are, I have some thick cotton squares that are hard to fit in a pocket without a bulge which I wouldn't want to do with a nicer jacket.

        Matching pocket squares to your suit/shirt/tie is an art in itself which I can't really say I'm all that good at, but I'm sure other forum members will chime in.

        Check out The Tie Bar for a wide variety of low priced squares. I've never tried them myself, but generally heard good things.



          As to "matching," I match by not matching while matching. Makes perfect sense, no?

          Tie and square: never exactly match. Corny as hell.

          Tie and shirt texture shouldn't match square texture.

          Tie pattern or density of pattern shouldn't match shirt/tie.

          Tie material probably shouldn't be same as square material, but not as crucial.

          What does that mean? Color, pattern, and texture of square works with, but isn't the same as, the rest of your outfit. I wear a lot of cotton or wool ties, and Oxford shirts, and cotton/linen blazers...I try not to wear cotton squares; silk and cashmere work well for my wardrobe, though I have a lot of Oxford squares that I wear with poplin shirts and no tie.

          Starting with just solid color shirt, jacket, square over jeans is an easy way to get a feel for it. Add pieces as you feel more comfortable.



            Thanks guys, this has been great. I'll definitely check out the Merona hanks from Target and then go fishing online. I have ordered from the Tie Bar and they have been great so far. I really appreciate the input.



              Best Pocket Square advice I ever found was actually on the MFA subreddit sidebar:

              The pocket square should both clash with your outfit and make the outfit cohesive at the same time.



                I just got this one in Aqua: 313&Product_Id=1495785

                Still on sale, it seems.