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Question about 3 button blazers

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    Question about 3 button blazers

    After reading a post from effortless gent a couple years ago. I bought a plain weave suit from LL Bean signature.

    I bought the new traditional twill suit last year and liked it, but liked the plain weave suit far more. However, when I went to buy it a couple of days ago, I noticed that the blazer changed from two to three buttons.

    I have never owned a 3 button blazer and have always associated them as more formal. Is three buttons to formal for a casual summer suit? Also, I have thought 3 buttons blazers as more for older man, not someone in their late 20's and early 30's. Am I misguided in thinking this way?


    Three buttons is not more formal, that's a pretty casual looking blazer. Just as long as you don't button the top or bottom buttons, it won't look weird.

    PS. I think you're thinking too much about this. As long as the fit is on point, you won't look like an old man. Roll with it!



      They're just different styles like side vents or center vent.



        I think a 3 button jacket breaks up a tall guy's height in a good way, like a double breasted suit gives a skinny guy some breadth.



          To clarify - not that you need to be tall to wear a 3 button jacket, but just to be aware of how it will make the V formed by the lapels much smaller. If you're looking for clothes to elongate your torso, a deeper V will do a better job of that and will make you look thinner.

          If you're not a skinny guy, you can wear a DB suit, by all means, but a tighter button pattern lower down would be best "suited" haha to a shorter or bigger guy because it will form a deeper V - more like a 2 button suit.



            3-button is not more formal... arguably it's the opposite, as the most formal jackets tend to have just one button (most traditional tuxedo jackets, for example).

            The benefit to a two-button jacket is that it helps to visually break up your torso in an aesthetically appealing way - it delineates your waist from the rest of your torso which has an overall slimming and elongating effect. Plus the deeper V broadens your chest and creates the illusion of a more V-shaped torso. Three-button jackets, on the other hand, tend to blend your waist and ribcage into one large, square midsection. For most people, this will not be flattering.

            Personally, I try to stay away from 3-button jackets unless they are a three-roll-two - i.e., the lapel rolls naturally down to the second button. The top and bottom buttons are left unbuttoned. Most three-roll-two jackets tend to be unstructured and therefore fairly casual. The L.L.B.S. jacket you've linked to seems like it should be able to work as a three-roll-two. Even if it has a crease in it, you should be able to get your dry-cleaner to steam it so that it folds to the second button, rather than the top.




              I actually picked up my first 3 button blazer a few weeks ago during one of the Macy's sales. It's a casual blazer from the Sons of Intrigue house brand. Gray with subtle blue and pink windowpane pattern. I was iffy on the 3 buttons, but I liked it because it's different enough without being overwhelming. All I really need to do to it is have the sides taken in and it'll be a perfect fit. Great price on it too.