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    Allen Edmonds loafer lasts

    I'm looking at a couple of pairs of more casual loafers from Allen Edmonds, but I'm not sure about fit. Those of you who have AE laceups and loafers, do you mind sharing which lasts you wear and which size you wear in each? I'm specifically interested in the welted 79 last and the handsewn 2592 last, but any information you've got will be helpful to someone .

    I don't have experience with those lasts. For what it's worth, I wear 10.5 EEE or 11 E in the 65 last and 11 D in most others. I have worn Walden loafers in size 11 on the 114 last and found them nearly perfect - I had a pair of Rockland loafers in 11 D that I couldn't wear at all due to the very tight, low vamp. I think they were on the 606 last.


      I wear 8D Leeds. Should have gone 8D Park Ave but went with a good deal on 8.5D on ebay (good enough for job interviews). 8.5D on brannock.

      I tried the Dominican Republic made McKinley's in 2592 last. 7.5D painfully tight, 8D would-have-flopped-off too big. Did not keep any. Maybe the last or maybe the QA from that line, not sure.


        I have Allen Edmonds loafers on the 2592, 800, and 606 lasts. They also make loafers on the 222 and 97 lasts for which I do not own loafers, but laceups on these same lasts.

        I wear a 10.5 3E on all AE lasts except the 108 and the 222 where I must go up to 11 3E.

        With any loafer, the pattern of the shoe may matter more than the last itself unless the list foremost does not work for you. For instance, the 97 last does not work very well for me with lace up styles, so it will never work for me at all as a loafer.

        The 2592 works very well for me on the Duke, although it seemed a tad loose when I first purchased them. These are one of me most comfortable AEs and certainly my most comfortable loafer. They're as comfortable as my Rockport Perths which are known for being particularly comfortable.

        The 800 last has also worked well for me, if slightly tight in the toe box. In this, I own the Kenwood in unlined shell cordovan.

        Finally, I own the Patriot on the 606 last. This shoe is very tight on my instep and I find it a bit too narrow. I might try seeing if I'll get a better fit a half size longer. A SA I trust greatly, but did not sell me these, tells me this is not uncommon with the Patriot, but it usually pays to buy them a bit tight and let them stretch out. I'm still deciding on that and might need to take them to get stretched.


          If it helps I'm a pretty standard 10D in most shoes. 9.5E in most AE lasts. I have the Kenwood VIPs in 10D. I had the Walden's and I think I had to wear the E width. Best bet is to get fitted at an AE store.


            I find the AE loafers run narrow, they fit me tighter in the toe box and at the widest part of the forefoot.

            For reference I’m an 11D for most brands, AE included. AE 11D with Holt (Single Monk Strap//last=222) and Stockbrigde (Blucher//last=4) both excellent fit. My Dover’s (which are a penny loafer) are also 11D, they are an ok fit but my small toe gets forced to the edge and I wonder if it will stretch the leather there over time, extended wear/walking could be more comfortable as result. I wonder if in hindsight I should have gone to an E. I also have two AE crosstown both in 11d, the lace up Santa Monica’s (bicycle toe oxford) are a good fit but the boulders (loafer/driving shoe) are an even tighter in the forefoot than the Dover mentioned above.